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Season It With Fun!

Season It With Fun!
A Year of Recognition, Fun, and Celebrations to Enliven Your School

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March 2010 | 232 pages | Corwin
In this exciting new resource Diane Hodges, best-selling author of Looking Forward to Monday Morning and Looking Forward to MORE Monday Mornings, offers a wealth of ideas, strategies, and tips for kicking off a successful school year.

Based on research findings that identify educator needs along with a collection of ideas from educators throughout the U.S. and Canada, the book provides positive, spirited approaches to help head teachers and school administrators create a nurturing culture where teachers are encouraged and appreciated for all that they do. Organized around the seasons, this reader-friendly guide includes:

- Preparation plans for the new school year

- Fun school ground and community events that prompt everyone to get involved

- Seasonal activities, songs, and tips for celebrating special holidays and occasions

- End-of-the-year reflections and rewards

- Unique original artwork by John Speeter that highlights important ideas and concepts

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1. Creating a Fun, Rewarding School Climate
Recognition and Appreciation



In Closing

2. Start of the School Year
Before School Starts--Get Ready!

Get Set!

Go! Ready or Not…Here They Come!

Choose a Theme!

Welcoming New Staff Members

3. Fabulous Fall: September Through November
Pause for Applause

Powered by FUN!

Fall Celebrations

4. Wondrous Winter: December Through March
Pause for Applause

Powered by FUN!

Winter Celebrations

5. Sensational Spring: April Through May
Pause for Applause

Powered by FUN!

Spring Celebrations

6. End of the School Year: Ahhh Summer!

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Powered by FUN!


"Provides administrators with unique and doable ideas to get the school year off to an excellent start! Once again, Diane Hodges has compiled initiatives from schools all over the country into a valuable resource tool. Thank you!"

Pauline F. Anderson, Principal
Walnut Ridge Primary School, Vernon, NJ

"A plethora of fun and exciting activities sure to bring a smile to even the grumpiest staff member's face."

Kathy Finnerty, Curriculum Specialist
Oswego County BOCES, Mexico, NY

"True to form, Hodges once again provides administrators with superb ways to support and encourage a wonderful, nurturing culture in our buildings. The beginning of the year is the perfect time to have fun and focus as you welcome staff back and greet new staff members. Though these activities are fun, their underlying purpose is important, one of collaboration, respect, trust, and getting to know one another. Throughout the year, this book offers numerous opportunities for faculties of all sizes to interact with one another. For new and experienced administrators, this book is a treasure chest of ideas just waiting for you to use!"

Tess W. Blumenthal, Principal
Valley Elementary School, Jefferson, MD

"Great ideas for energizing veteran staff and welcoming new members of the team. As the year progresses, it is important to keep staff focused and encouraged. Hodges includes activities that can be used throughout the school year. Our district has experienced a high rate of teacher turnover the past two years, and helping the staff bond as a team is critical for the success of our students. This book provides a wide range of activities that will fit the budget of any school district and help teachers rekindle the excitement that is needed to make a school year the best one yet!"

Alease Copelin, Counselor
Center High School, TX

"This book has examples of what school administrators and the staff can do to keep our own attitudes positive, so we can do the same for our students and their families. I will also adapt some ideas for use in my classroom and post the quotes for discussion with my students."

Margaret Dacko, Seventh-Grade Science Teacher
Greenville County Schools, SC

"Hodges shares such practical and innovative ideas for making 'fun' of the hard work we do! Her ideas will be used with our administrative council to motivate and reward them for what they do, and to model how they can take these ideas back to their own staff. I'll be buying this book for each of them as a back-to-school gift for their professional libraries!"

Julie Germann, Assistant Superintendent
Monett R-1 School District, MO

"In my extremely busy schedule, I sometimes struggle with creative ideas during the year to help motivate and encourage my teachers. Hodges has given me so many, all I have to do is look! Thank you!"

Lori Graham, Principal
Carnegie Elementary School, OK

"Getting a very large staff to work as a team can be a daunting task. Hodges' book is filled with unique ideas that make what sometimes seems an impossible task effortless. Her ideas promote cooperation, collaboration, and FUN. Improving the climate of the school is paramount to cooperation among staff members and, more important, to the success of the students. This is a must-read!"

Sandy Hamke, Teacher
Henry E. Lackey High School, Indian Head, MD

"In my 25 years experience, I have found that a positive school climate goes a long way in creating synergy in the school community. Schools will experience new energy if they incorporate the ideas and offerings in this book."

Robin Harvel, School Health and Wellness Coordinator
Dependent Schools Overseas, US Department of Defense

"Our job as instructional leaders is to inspire, energize, excite, and guide our staff on the path to student success. When a staff has fun, they can do amazing things and gain confidence. When I received this book, I was immediately excited about what I could start doing right away to set the tone for a great school year. This book will stay out on my desk for quick reference as I choose to celebrate daily the successes of my students and staff. Thank you for pulling together a great tool to inspire those who lead so they can in turn inspire others!"

Elaine Hassemer, Principal
Paxton Keeley Elementary School, Columbia, MO

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