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Secrets of the Teenage Brain

Secrets of the Teenage Brain
Research-Based Strategies for Reaching and Teaching Today's Adolescents

Second Edition
Edited by:
  • Sheryl G. Feinstein - University of Nebraska, Kearney, Augustana College, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, University of South Dakota, USA

Foreword by Eric Jensen

October 2009 | 216 pages | Corwin
Featuring the latest research on the adolescent brain, this second edition offers teachers fresh instructional strategies that work for engaging erratic, distracted, and often unpredictable teenagers.

Lighthearted and informative, this hands-on resource helps educators understand the key issues affecting cognition and adolescent learners' emotional, social, and physical well-being. Each chapter is supported with a multitude of techniques that can be adapted to individual content areas and teachers will find new sections about:

- Technology and the brain

- Mirror neurons and at-risk behaviors like cutting, violence and aggression

- An Educator's Book Club guide for sharing the challenges of teaching adolescents

Foreword by Eric Jensen
About the Author
1. Teen Brain: Under Construction
2. Teen Cognition and Learning
3. The Social Brain
4. Communication and the Unfinished Brain
5. Self-Concept Under Attack
6. The Risk-Taking Brain
7. Reaching and Teaching Today’s Adolescents—Tomorrow!
Conclusion: Secrets of the Teenage Brain—Revealed!
In Summary
Book Club Discussion Questions

"This updated edition is a very significant and timely resource for educators and parents of teenagers. Teachers will relate well to the many observations and vignettes about teenagers and will see many of their own students in these descriptions. The science and research-based evidence is explained simply and in easy-to-understand terms with connections to teen behavior clearly established. Readers can easily appreciate how the strategies described in the book link to the neuroscientific findings and research. The newer research, ideas, and supplementary material greatly enhance the book—particularly the new stories, vignettes, and other teaching strategies."

Barry Corbin, Professor of Education, Acadia University
Author, Unleashing the Potential of the Teenage Brain

"This book explains almost all of the 'headshaking' frustrations educators express about teens. Educators will enjoy discovering that there is a biological reason for the behaviors and attitudes that teens demonstrate. They will also appreciate the practical and down-to-earth suggestions to help students find school more appealing."

Kathy Tritz-Rhodes, Principal
Marcus-Meriden-Cleghorn Schools, IA

"As a parent, I found myself applying this information to understand my own children’s behavior better. The neurological content coverage is based on very current functional MRI brain science that is being used and understood for the first time. It is an exciting time with the promise of substantially more new information for many years to come. Feinstein presents complex information in an accessible manner with the tone of a real person who has worked with real teenagers."

Judy Filkins, Math and Science Curriculum Coordinator
SAU 88- Lebanon School District, NH

Secrets of the Teenage Brain, Second Edition, expands knowledge of the teenage brain and brain-compatible instructional strategies. Because the field of neuroscience is continuously and extensively emerging with new research, it was important to supplement the first edition with the latest cutting-edge research, fresh instructional strategies, and current insights into trends and topics.

Special features in the second edition include the role of mirror neurons in learning through observation, technology and the brain, students with ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder), cutting, steroid use, and violence and aggression; giving new perspectives and insights. The Book Club Discussion Questions are an added addition that facilitates teachers and other educators to form learning communities to discuss and learn from colleagues.

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