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Stirring the Head, Heart, and Soul

Stirring the Head, Heart, and Soul
Redefining Curriculum, Instruction, and Concept-Based Learning

Third Edition
Edited by:

February 2008 | 280 pages | Corwin
This updated edition of the best-selling guide to curriculum design for quality teaching, provides practical structure, planning tools, and specific classroom examples of effective curriculum strategies.

This resource covers a wide range of topics, including:

- Concept-based instruction

- Aligning local curriculum with state and national content standards

- Brain-based teaching methods

- Higher-ordering thinking skills

- Assessing and reporting student progress

- Creating a life-long love of learning.

About the Author
1. Making Change in a Changing World
The State of Educational Change

Pressure Groups

Sharing the Job of Quality Education

A National Model for Concept-Based Curricula

Making Change the Systems Way

Overcoming Obstacles: Over, Under, Through, and Around


Extending Thought

2. Concept-Based Curriculum
Traditional Curriculum

Concept-Based Curriculum

Historical Perspective: Hilda Taba

Conceptual Organizers



Extending Thought

3. State Academic Standards and Local Curriculum Frameworks
State Standards

The Tripartite Model of Curriculum Design

Scope and Sequence Charts for Processes and Skills


Extending Thought

4. Designing Interdisciplinary, Integrated Curricula
Defining Interdisciplinary, Integrated Curricula

The Integrated, Intradisciplinary Curriculum Model

Designing Concept-Based Teaching Units

Unit Design Steps: Questions and Answers

Lesson-Planning Pages


Extending Thought

5. Concept-Based Units: Samples and Questions
From Coordinated to Integrated Units

Multiage Classrooms and Concept-Based Curriculum

Questions and Answers: Elementary Schools

Questions and Answers: Secondary Schools

The International Baccalaureate Programme

Career and Technical Education Programs


Extending Thought

6. Assessing and Reporting Student Progress
A Brief Review: Form and Function

The Implications of Process Assessment

Reporting Process Development

Assessing Critical Thinking Developmentally

Standards for Thinking

Scoring Guides for Performance Tasks

Questions and Answers


Extending Thought

7. Concept-Based Instruction
Instructional Strategies

Learning Experiences

Adapting Activities

Teacher Reflections on Concept-Based Instruction


Extending Thought

8. Stirring the Head, Heart, and Soul: Creating a Love of Learning
Stirring the Head

Stirring the Heart and Soul

Loving to Learn


Resource A: Alternative Unit Formats
Resource B: Key Concepts in Different Disciplines
Resource C: What Work Requires of Schools
Resource D: Sample Unit Planner

"The essence of good teaching is in this book. It's a potent reminder of what it means when teachers teach whole human beings—their minds, hearts, and souls. Erickson helps us recall what all great teachers know: quality teaching is about building young lives."

Carol Ann Tomlinson, Professor, University of Virginia
Author, The Parallel Curriculum

"Erickson sets the standard for concept-based curriculum. Her work offers a theoretically rich and eminently practical approach for constructing curriculum around rich, transferable concepts. The third edition extends this seminal work for the benefit of educators and their students."

Jay McTighe, Educational Consultant, McTighe and Associates
Coauthor, Understanding by Design

"Shows us the value of teaching to transferable ideas, and emphasizes deep understanding versus shallow coverage of material. Erickson guides educators in designing a high-quality curriculum organized around the essential concepts and ideas of each discipline. This book a must-read for preservice and inservice teachers and administrators at all levels."

Lois Lanning, Assistant Superintendent
Regional School District 15, Middlebury, CT

"Erickson's work is a gift for teachers striving to prepare students for the exciting challenges of the twenty-first century. The concepts of teaching for global citizenship in today's world come alive with Erickson's clear, practical, and inspiring guidance."

Irene Davy, Director
Sunnybrook School, Toronto, Canada

use as resource for students and colleagues - its' wonderful

Dr Susan Dinnocenti
College Of Educ Health Prof, Sacred Heart University
November 6, 2012

This text covered the deeper aspects of therapeutic journal writing. Rather than using an academic driven approach, the authors employ a psychoeducational approach to their intervention.

Dr James Javorsky
Human Dvmt Child Studies Dept, Oakland University
January 2, 2011

The 2nd edition of Stirring the Head, Heart and Soul : Redefining Curriculum and Instruction (© 2001) was a complete re-write of the first edition, which was published in 1995. The 3rd edition required less revision because the message is even more current today as educators nationally and internationally become increasingly aware of the need to address the conceptual, as well as the factual levels of knowledge and understanding in curriculum and instruction. The 3rd edition reinforces, clarifies and extends the message that the expanding knowledge base requires conceptual structures to help students relate new knowledge to prior knowledge, transfer knowledge at the conceptual level, and develop synergistic thinking abilities as they use factual knowledge to develop deeper conceptual understanding.

The 3rd edition makes a slight revision to the sub-title-- Redefining Curriculum, Instruction, and Concept-based Learning—to emphasize the concept-based focus of the book. Each chapter was evaluated for clarity and focus of the message which led to some changes and revisions in wording, the inclusion of new tables and figures, and updating of many references. Twenty-eight additional and current references were included in the 3rd edition. Fifteen pages of additional text material discussed key trends that support concept-based instruction : Cooperative Learning, Differentiation, and Essential and Guiding Questions.

Sample Materials & Chapters


Chapter 1

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