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Student-Centered Coaching

Student-Centered Coaching
A Guide for K–8 Coaches and Principals

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January 2011 | 232 pages | Corwin
This practical resource is grounded in a simple but powerful premise: that school-based coaching programmes can be designed in a way that more directly impacts student achievement. In a student-centered coaching relationship, the focus is on using data and student work to drive conversations between coaches and teachers to make informed decisions about instruction. In other words, coaches and teachers work collaboratively to support students. The book also underscores the critical role of the headteacher in developing systems and structures to support teacher learning and fostering a culture of learning. The book is suitable for use with both new and experienced coaches and the headteachers who support them.
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Section I: Establishing Student-Centered Coaching
1. The Next Generation of Coaching… Coaching Student Learning
What is Student-Centered Coaching?

The Connection Between Goals for Student Learning and Teaching Practice

Meanwhile... in the Principal's Office

Tools and Techniques

A Final Thought

2. Getting Student-Centered Coaching Up and Running
Coaching in the First Few Weeks of School

Coaching Cycles

Building a Schedule that Impacts Students and Teachers

Developing Relationships with All Teachers

Meanwhile... in the Principal's Office

Tools and Techniques

A Final Thought

3. Crafting a Culture of Learning
Designing a Learning Culture

Four Studies in Culture

Cultural Rites of Passage

The Role of Relationships

Qualities of a School with a Culture of Learning

Meanwhile... in the Principal's Office

Tools and Techniques

A Final Thought

Section II: Data as an Essential Component of Student-Centered Coaching
4. Data and Student-Centered Coaching
Why Use Data?

Coaching in Data-Driven Schools

A Case Study in Using Data: Denver School of Science and Technology

Coaching with Student Data

Meanwhile... in the Principal's Office

Tools and Techniques

A Final Thought

5. Measuring the Impact of Student-Centered Coaching
A Model for Evaluating Coaching

Creating Assessment Checklists and Rubrics

Evaluating the Impact of Coaching Small Groups of Teachers

Meanwhile... in the Principal's Office

Tools and Techniques

Final Thoughts

Section III: Practices for Student-Centered Coaching
6. Student-Centered Classroom Observations
Three Generations of Learning Labs

Which Type of Lab is Right for You?

Coaching and Learning Labs

Informal Observations that Make an Impact

Meanwhile... in the Principal's Office

Tools and Techniques

A Final Thought

7. Developing Systems and Structures for Teacher Learning
A Student-Centered Framework for Professional Development

Coaching as an Essential Element of Professional Development

A Case Study in Student-Centered Professional Development: Goldrick Elementary

The Important Role of Teacher Leaders

What About the "Tougher" Teachers?

Teacher Evaluation

Meanwhile... in the Principal's Office

Tools and Techniques

A Final Thought

8. Engaging the Adult Learner
Risk, Relationship, and Coaching

Coaching Across

Meanwhile... in the Principal's Office

Tools and Techniques

A Final Thought

9. Developing Systems and Structures to Support Coaches
A Curriculum for Supporting New Coaches

Coaching Labs

Meanwhile... in the Principal's Office

Tools and Techniques

A Final Thought


"Student-Centered Coaching will change the conversation about coaching in this country. Sweeney shows us how vital it is to focus our coaching efforts on the ultimate beneficiary—the student."

Ellin Oliver Keene, Author and Consultant

"This is a timely and important piece in the coaching world. The only way we will help schools reach meaningful change is to focus on students rather than teachers."

Jennifer Thoma, Instructional Coach
Northeast Elementary ASCD, Ankeny, IA

"This book is a must have for new instructional coaches. I wish I had it at the beginning of my first year!"

Kevin Schlomer, Instructional Coach
Ankeny Community School District, IA

"The breadth and depth of the author's knowledge led me to want to dig deeper and improve my coaching skills, and to advocate for student-centered coaching districtwide."

Mary L. Morris, Instructional Coach for Math & Science
Tacoma Public Schools, WA

"Sweeney’s stories of coaching and the useful materials, tips, and protocols bring student-centered coaching alive. This book has the power to revolutionize the ways coaching is conceptualized and enacted in K–12 schools nationwide."

Nancy Fichtman Dana, Professor of Education
University of Florida School of Teaching and Learning

"Diane has taken a commitment to instructional leadership and turned it into practical models and applications. She combines her thorough grounding in the research with experience and a brass-tacks orientation toward helping teachers, coaches, and administrators improve."

Rob Stein, Principal
Manual High School, Denver, CO

"An excellent resource that should be on the bookshelf of every principal and instructional coach."

Roberto Pamas, Principal
O.W. Holmes Middle School, Alexandria, VA

"At last, a book that helps coaches, principals, and teachers focus on what matters most: concrete evidence of student learning. In her "keep it simple" tone, the author guides educators through improving their assessment, instructional, and planning processes."

Samantha Bennett, Instructional Coach, Author of "That Workshop Book: New Systems and Structures for Classrooms that Read, Write, and Think"

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