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The Superintendent as CEO

The Superintendent as CEO
Standards-Based Performance

November 2004 | 280 pages | Corwin
The Superintendent as CEO is unique; it is both the core, how-to professional book for superintendents and it supports the very popular movement of training superintendents to have an executive/CEO mentality that complements their educational background. It has a strong research base and it accommodates the ELCC standards required for educational administration programmes to get or retain certification, while also following the AASA Professional Standards for the Superintendency (K-12.
About the Authors
1. New Directions for CEO Superintendent Preparation
Professional Standards and Licensure

Board Certification

Relicensure and Professional Development

Integrating Theory and Practice in Superintendents' Education


2. Organizational Culture
Standard 1. Strategic Leadership and District Culture

Theoretical Frameworks

Applying the Eight Indicators to the Case Study

Discussing the Case

3. The Politics of School Governance
Standard 2. Policy and Governance

Theoretical Frameworks

Applying the Five Indicators to the Case Study

Discussing the Case

4. Communications and Community Relations
Standard 3. Communications and Community Relations

Applying the 18 Indicators to the Case Study

5. Management of the Organization, Operations, and Resources
Standard 4. Leadership and Organizational Management and School Finance

Theoretical Frameworks

Applying the Five Indicators in the Case Study

The Case of the Optimistic Budget Projections

Applying the Five Indicators to the Case Study

6. The Technical Core of Educational Administration: Curriculum Planning and Development
Standard 5. Curriculum Planning and Development

Theoretical Frameworks

Applying the Seven Indicators in the Case Study

7. Instructional Management
Standard 6. Instructional Management

Theoretical Frameworks

Applying the Twelve Indicators to the Case Study

8. Human Resources Management
Standard 7. Staff Evaluation and Personnel Management

Theoretical Frameworks

Apply the Four Indicators in the Case Study

9. Values and Ethics
Standard 8. Values and Ethics of Leadership

Theoretical Frameworks

Applying the Eight Indicators to the Case Study

10. Leadership Performance Evaluation
Theoretical Frameworks

Caveats in Performance Evaluation

Research on Performance Standards for Superintendents

Measuring the Effectiveness of Preparation Programs

School Board Evaluation of Superintendents

The Superintendent Executive Assessment Model (SEAM)

Applying the Chapter Material to the Case Study


"Professors, workshop facilitators, school administration students, and superintendents will find the content and authors’ insights to be highly relevant and enlightening."

Theodore J. Kowalski, Kuntz Family Chair in Educational Administration
University of Dayton

"Educational leadership faculty members across the country are engaging in large-scale renovation of their leadership preparation programs. This book represents an important contemporary effort to provide direction to the construction of a text-anchored curriculum for the preparation of superintendents."

Michelle Young, Executive Director
University Council for Educational Administration

"John Hoyle and his co-authors have done the impossible--they have produced a textbook on the superintendency that is both research based and readable. They have also bridged the gap between the world of those who believe everything is measurable and those who see leadership as spiritual and learning as a work in progress. This is a major addition to the field of educating school system leaders."

Paul Houston, Executive Director
American Association of School Administrators

"Blending theory and practical applications, this book is a must read for those aspiring to or currently in leadership roles in school districts. Unlike texts on the superintendency that are written solely from standards-based or constructivist perspectives, this book draws on multiple approaches in exploring the complexities and changing demands of the superintendent’s role."

Martha McCarthy, Chancellor's Professor
Indiana University

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