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Teach for Transfer

Teach for Transfer

February 1996 | 104 pages | Corwin
This study of 'transfer' addresses the perplexing question: How can students possess knowledge and skills in one set of circumstances and yet not be able to apply those same skills to other situations that require them? Madeline Hunter introduces four factors designed to aid the process of transfer and promote creativity and problem-solving techniques among students: similarity; association; degree of original learning; and critical attributes.
The Importance of Transfer
Similarity of Two Learnings
Association of Two Learnings
Degree of Original Learning
Identification if Essential and Unvarying Elements
Summary of Factors Generating Transfer

Too dated. Technology and the web didn't exist in education in 1971, so difficult to translate theory into current practice.

Mr Jack Phelan
Kinesiology, California Polytechnic State University
August 2, 2011

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