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Teaching With Author Web Sites, K–8

Teaching With Author Web Sites, K–8

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December 2009 | 152 pages | Corwin
Drawing on extensive classroom experience, the authors demonstrate how shy students, reluctant readers, English language learners, and students who may be less active during class discussion become energized when they explore rich Web sites available from popular, respected children's authors. This book illustrates how this easy, no-risk technology—available at a keystroke—offers wide-ranging benefits, including:

- Inviting students into a literacy community of readers and writers

- Fostering the development of discrete, test-mandated skills

- Capitalizing on and deepening students' familiarity with the digital world in ways that enhance their literacy growth

About the Authors
1. Welcome to the World of Authors and Readers Online
2. Getting Started: Beginning to Explore and Use Digital Author Resources, With Eric Carle
3. Reading Through Writing: Rich Language Arts and Social Studies Learning, With T.A. Barron
4. Welcome to Judy Blume's Home Base
5. Illustrators Are Authors Too!
6. Creating Class Author Study Web Sites
A. Extra Activities to Extend and Expand Experience With Digital Author Studies

B. Pedagogy and Standards


"As a folklorist, writer, and teacher of writing, I know firsthand how interactive author Web sites make it possible for students to talk, meet, and exchange ideas with extraordinary writers. With the click of a mouse, a writer enters into a student's universe in a new way—and literature itself moves closer to home. Reissman, a transformative teacher, and Gura, one of New York City's strongest proponents of technology and education, have devised a brilliant strategy for utilizing the World Wide Web in the service of literacy. This book offers a wide range of opportunities for teachers and students to use these free resources to foster literacy and learning in the classroom."

Steve Zeitlin, Director
City Lore

"As a manager of the NY Daily News eEdition, I believe teachers need to tap author sites and eEditions to foster engaged literacy. This book, with its strategies for connecting teachers with online author sites, helps make literature come alive for students."

Lauren Gurnee, NIE Assistant Manager, Educational Programs
The New York Daily News

"A ready-to-go resource for teachers of 21st-century literacy. While many see the need for digital-age curriculum, just what to do and how to do it often remain a mystery. Road maps like this one that blaze a clear path for bringing The New Learning into our nation's classrooms are exactly what's needed just now!"

Marina Leight, Editor in Chief
Converge Magazine

"A fantastic tool for educators to utilize in their classroom, shortening the distance between the educator and the author and expanding the horizons of the classroom into the World Wide Web. Whether it be listening to a podcast, reading a biographical essay, or simply viewing family pictures, the text-to-author connection is easily facilitated using this practical and handy implement."

Chaia Frishman, In-House Literacy Developer
Yeshiva Darchei Torah

"A gift to the social studies educator that provides a teacher-ready means to integrate technology, literacy, and citizenship learning into primary, elementary, and middle school classrooms. During this period of high-stakes testing when social studies content is often ignored for English language arts and mathematics test focus, this work by two talented and veteran educators shows how author Web studies can immediately connect students to social studies content and civic goals while they become ongoing readers and writers."

David Keller Trevaskis, Esquire, Executive Director, LEAP-Kids
President, Pennsylvania Council for the Social Studies

"This valuable tool brings a new dimension to the teaching of reading and literacy, giving teachers a chance to further engage their students. It gives teachers and students the opportunity to analyze, discuss, and integrate the personal element into the curriculum across subject areas, with very explicit and detailed instruction."

Shifra Hanon, Language Arts Teacher and Enrichment Supervisor
Yeshiva of Flatbush High School, Brooklyn, NY

"A reference such as this has been needed for some time. Educators and parents alike will benefit from this book, which will make 21st-century education a 'mission: possible.'”

Daniel Stein, Professor
Touro College

"Mark and Rose provide a myriad of strategies for using author sites, blogs, and other multimedia resources to connect students with authors whose works they study in class or read on their own. The book is a terrific convergence of technology and literacy that will result in students becoming lifelong pursuers of literacy engagement."

Bernard Percy, Producer/Educator
Author of The Power of Creative Writing

"As the head of NYC Mind Lab Thinking Skills Training Centers and Futurekids Literacy Technology Centers, I can readily see that integrating use of author Web sites into ongoing literacy and technology student-centered projects will reciprocally enhance lifelong multimedia and print literacy. It is so good to see the work of these two veteran classroom educators and researchers available to teachers K-8."

Stephane Ifrah, President & CEO

"Reissman and Gura provide educators a very realistic approach for seamlessly weaving technology and instruction. Their approach is practical, while keeping in sight what should be our ultimate goal as educators: cultivating lifelong learners, not just short-term test-takers. Younger students' curiosity will be piqued through the use of technology, middle school students are motivated, and literacy becomes more meaningful for reluctant readers and writers."

Veronica Cordero-Turner, Educator
Mt. Vernon City School District, NY

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