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Teaching Strategies for Active Learning

Teaching Strategies for Active Learning
Five Essentials for Your Teaching Plan

March 2007 | 120 pages | Corwin
'Emphasizes the importance of matching instructional strategies to the appropriate outcomes.Thia is very important!'ùCindy Harrison, Educational Consultant'My peers would benefit from having this handbook to guide new and struggling teachers and to inspire the expert teacher on staff. Practical suggestions give educators incremental steps toward increasing the active learning level within any classroom, without giving up control of content.'ùBeverly C. Eidmann, Principal, Arvada Middle School, COMake a difference in student learning with the latest and best brain-based teaching strategies!Translating brain research into best practice, Donna Walker Tileston, award-winning author, educator, and trainer, offers teachers a simple and concise Strategic Learning Model applicable to all grade levels, content areas, and instructional settings. This systematic cycle focuses on five essentials that teach learners to plug in, power up, synthesize, outsource, and reflect on their learning.Based on the latest brain and educational research, this student-centered, teacher-friendly guide includes:A carefully chosen collection of instructional strategies for promoting the active transfer of knowledge to students' long-term memoryA step-by-step process for planning powerful lessons that make a difference in student learningSample lesson forms and reproducible templates Sample strategies such as question-and-answer profiles, technology integration, mindjogs, KNLH, group memory, making predictions, cooperative learning, six-hat thinking, collaborative retelling, graphic organizers, thinking at right angles, plus-minus-interesting, and much moreThis is the teaching methods book for all teachers, instructional leaders, and curriculum designers who want to build students' motivation, confidence, self-efficacy, and achievement.
Does the Strategy Follow Current Brain Research?

About the Author
1. Teaching in the 21st Century
Elements of the Strategic Learning Model

The Teacher’s Role

2. Plugging In
Part 1 of the Model: Plugging In

Self-Efficacy as a Key to Motivation for Learning

Activities for Building a Sense of Community in the Classroom

Integrating Technology as a Tool for Building Community


What Does the Research Say?

3.Powering Up
Beginning With the Self-System of the Brain

Mind Jogs

Building Connections


What Does the Research Say?

4. Synthesizing
The Metacognitive System

Building Declarative Knowledge


What Does the Research Say?

Concrete Models

Brainstorming Models

Thinking in Categories


What Does the Research Say?

6. Reflecting

What Does the Research Say?

Resource A: Sample Lesson Forms

Resource B: Blackline Masters


Sample Materials & Chapters


Chapter 1

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