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Testing Your Mettle

Testing Your Mettle
Tough Problems and Real-World Solutions for Middle and High School Teachers

March 2001 | 152 pages | Corwin
What many teachers complain about most is the lack of `reality training' they encountered in the `formal' education curriculum. Typical classroom lectures and exercises do not prepare individuals for the myriad of problems and situations that will present themselves in schools. Teachers need to think and act beyond the theory presented in educational textbooks.

These problem scenarios - or `snapshots' - are from the author's own experiences as a teacher, assistant principal, principal, superintendent of schools, and as a parent. The snapshots are grouped into chapters that parallel the major problematic areas teachers face every day - from student behavior in and out of the classroom to interactions with administrators and parents, complying with school policy, and other issues not so easily classified. Each snapshot contains an underlying legal, philosophical, or just plain common-sense lesson.

Following each snapshot is a space for the reader to write in his or her own proposed action or solution. The author then explains what actually happened, and what should have happened, and why.

This book will provide a wealth of important discussion topics for teachers, administrators, and parents.

Being in Charge of Your Classroom
Confronting Student Behaviors outside the Classroom
Working with Administrators and Colleagues
Dealing with Parents and the Community
Complying with School Policy and Legal Requirements
Responding to Perennial 'Sticky' Issues
The Teacher as Professional

"The rationale for this book is excellent. The idea of exposing new teachers to a bit of ‘reality training’ is long overdue in teacher development programs."

John Davis, Assistant Professor,
Teacher Education Department, California State University, Dominguez Hills

"The format allows for critical thinking for solutions, evaluation of the possible solutions, and then checking of reality by providing the actual outcome of the situation. Staff developers and new teacher mentors would find it very useful…" 

Bibik, Assc Prof, Univ of DE
Associate Professor of Education, University of Delaware

"Excellent for use in classroom management courses, introduction courses, and seminars for new teachers. I highly value the problem-based approach to teaching how to deal with situations that arise in the school setting." 

Judy Butler
Assistant Professor of Education, State University of West Georgia

Not very useful. Scenarios were not applicable for the course.

Mr Kevin Sieling
School Of Education, Walden University
July 18, 2013

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