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Thinking Through Quality Questioning

Thinking Through Quality Questioning
Deepening Student Engagement

August 2011 | 208 pages | Corwin
Thinking Though Quality Questioning provides teachers with an accessible, research-based blueprint for developing student meta-cognitive skills and ensuring that students take responsibility for their own learning. In this groundbreaking book, Walsh and Sattes use the findings of cognitive scientists to highlight quality questioning behaviors and explain how to connect these to discrete student meta-cognitive outcomes. Each chapter explicates teacher best practice in questioning and relates this to how students think and how they can be trained to manage their own learning.
About the Authors
1. Framework for Thinking Through Quality Questioning: In What Ways Can Quality Questioning Advance Both Student and Teacher Thinking?
2. Frame Quality Questions: What Are the Characteristics of Questions That Engage Students in Thinking and Deep Learning About Content?
3. Strengthen Thinking-to-Learn Behaviors: How Can Teachers and Students Use Quality Questioning to Deepen Thinking and Increase Learning?
4. Use Formative Feedback: How Can Questioning Serve as Formative Assessment and Feedback to Advance Student Learning?
5. Developing Response-Ability: In What Ways Can Teachers Cultivate and Nourish Student Responsibility for Learning?
6. Create a Culture for Thinking: How Can You Use Quality Questioning to Create a Classroom Cultue Where Students and Teacher Work Together to Advance Thinking and Knowing?
Resource A: Processes to Engage Learners in Thinking
Resource B: Sample Tools for Formative Assessment

“Teachers and educational leaders will expand their students’ thinking by doing what the authors so eloquently model in Thinking Through Quality Questioning: focus on questions prior to teaching, create an environment for questioning, provide feedback and assist the learner in the development of their own thoughtfulness. It is remarkable to note that a book can model behavior! In an era of 'quick fixes' which result in short-term gains, Quality Questioning will result in purposeful, careful and thoughtful educators AND their students!”

Jody M. Westbrook, Executive Director
Texas Staff Development Council, Keller, TX

"Quality Questioning has provided an invaluable framework for our staff by supporting our adopting effective questioning practices and monitoring student response patterns school wide. Our faculty has found value in sharing and discussing the Quality Questioning practices and creating an environment conducive to inquiry and reflection. It is our belief that Thinking Through Quality Questioning goes beyond improving teacher practice to provide tools teachers can use to support students in becoming active, responsible learners through a reciprocal process of questioning, discussion, and response."

Debbie Brooks, Principal
Cary Woods Elementary School, Auburn AL

“With a solid foundation in research, Thinking Through Quality Questioning reestablishes an essential element of a fully engaged classroom—teachers and students sharing control of instructional decision making. Walsh and Sattes’s strong emphasis on nurturing new norms for students’ metacognitive awareness, responsibility, and personal self-determination is long overdue! Well Done!”

John Barell, Author of "Why Are School Buses Always Yellow?" and Professor Emeritus
Montclair State University, NJ

"Thinking Through Quality Questioning provides a welcome framework that is rigorous in directing teachers to reflect on their practice in ways that are likely to benefit their students, while being flexible enough to be relevant to every teacher."

Dylan Wiliam, Emeritus Professor of Educational Assessment Institute of Education
University of London, UK

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