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Effective Trainings Every Time

Second Edition
Edited by:

September 2007 | 160 pages | Corwin
Train Smart: Effective Trainings Every Time, Second Edition offers a comprehensive guide to planning and implementing engaging, successful training sessions. The author, an expert keynote speaker and workshop presenter, provides an overview and framework for the training process and then presents a generous collection of brain-friendly strategies that can be immediately implemented. The second edition has been thoroughly updated and includes new training strategies, recommendations for using the latest technology, and additional tips, examples, and guidelines throughout.
About the Author
Part I. Prepare for Effective Trainings Every Time

The Five Pillars of the TrainSmart Model

The Bricks and Mortar of the TrainSmart Model

Sample TrainSmart Schedule

TrainSmart Lesson Plan Template

Part II. 25 Key Concepts for Training Smarter
Key Concept Matrix
1. Acknowledgment
2. Bridges and Zones
3. Comfort Levels
4. Task Completion
5. Contrast
6. Precise Directions
7. Resource Distribution
8. Teach It Standing
9. Participant Inquiry
10. Adequate Response Time
11. Specify Response Mode
12. Question/Clarify/Question
13. Managing Disruptions
14. Creative Note Taking
15. Positive Language
16. Involve, Don’t Tell
17. Ownership
18. Pause for Visuals
19. Press and Release
20. Purposeful Body Language
21. Visual-Field Variations
22. Vocal Italics
23. Music Matters
24. Guiding Attention
25. Verbal Specificity
Part III. Tools for Training
Six Powerful Parables

A TrainSmart Checklist

TrainSmart Lesson Plan Template


"Rich Allen has done it again—another clear, practical, and powerful resource for all educators. These principles and strategies ought to be mandatory for everyone who presents for a living."

Eric Jensen, President and Founder
Jensen Learning Corporation

"Rich Allen has the rare ability to identify and define with clarity the elements of excellence in training. In TrainSmart, he reveals the pathway from good presentation to great presentation. Every professional trainer should use this resource to support their continuous improvement plan."

John Parks Le Tellier, Lead Trainer, Quantum Learning Network
Author of Quantum Learning & Instructional Leadership in Practice

"TrainSmart is the best, clearest, most to-the-point, practical, and most valuable resource available for trainers. With this second edition, Rich Allen has gone from 'great' to 'even greater.' It is a required guide for our trainers and the new text in our Trainer of Trainers program."

Spence Rogers, President
Peak Learning Systems

"Rich Allen is THE consumate trainer with a natural gift for delivering effective, dynamic presentations. This is a must-read for beginning professional developers, and it also offers veterans new ideas. If the intent is to raise student achievement via high-quality presentations, then this book meets its goal."

Mark Diaz, Superintendent
Manor Independent School District, TX

"A powerful text in a small package, designed to teach trainers and workshop facilitators within or outside of education how to design effective training sessions."

Middle Ground Magazine, April 2008, Vol. 11(4)
National Middle Schools Association

Sample Materials & Chapters


Part 1

For instructors

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