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Understanding and Engaging Adolescents

Understanding and Engaging Adolescents

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July 2009 | 168 pages | Corwin
The middle and high school years are challenging times for both teachers and students, and motivating adolescents can be the most critical task confronting educators. This book provides teachers with an in-depth look at the ways that adolescents learn and how teachers can inspire student interest and participation.

Understanding & Engaging Adolescents blends concepts of learning and motivation with classroom applications and activities. The authors cover theory, learning styles, and classroom management and present easy-to-implement, innovative strategies that educators can use to connect meaningfully with their students.

About the Authors
Part I. The Theory
1. In the Beginning
2. "This Is Stupid" or Why Adolescents Quit Trying
3.The Classroom Management Toolkit
4. What We Know About Learning
5. What We Know About Motivation
Part II. The Activities
6. Maintaining Your Activity Level
7. Teaching Them to Study
8. Understanding Themselves Better
9. Culture-Based Activities
10. The Technology Mismatch

“The book is engaging, appealing, humorous, and relevant to my situation. Nice job!”

David Callaway, Eighth-Grade Language Arts Teacher
Rocky Heights Middle School, Highlands Ranch, CO

“This book addresses key issues and presents ideas on how to solve those issues.”

Kathryn McCormick, Seventh-Grade Teacher
Gahanna Middle School East, OH

“This book is funny, entertaining, well written and well documented, and informative.”

Jolene Dockstader, Seventh-Grade Language Arts Teacher
Jerome Middle School, ID

“This book should be on every middle and high school educators desk and be required reading each summer. Miller and Desberg clearly discuss many of the challenges that face our students and give teachers, counselors, administrators, and parents real tools and knowledge that should be implemented in every classroom.”

Reginald Sirls, Director of Secondary Education
Inglewood Unified School District, CA

“As a president of a nonprofit organization that stresses financial literacy, I was impressed with the information in this book. I read it as a service and knowledge provider to secondary students, but found multiple applications to motivating and understanding my own employees.”

Gary W. Hickman, President
Junior Achievement of Southern California, Inc.

“As a principal, I am always concerned that my teachers are looking at and discussing the central issues of learning and motivation. Not only does this book give them what they need, it gives them several practical exercises to engage our learners. Good work.”

Donna Jacobson, Principal
Richard Merkin Middle School, LA Alliance Schools, Los Angeles, CA

"Miller and Desberg have produced a resource that educators will turn to again and again as they encounter the day-to-day challenges of motivating and teaching adolescent learners. It is one of those rare books that effectively integrates theory, research, and practice. Utilizing these methods will go a long way in helping educators gain or regain the skills they need to make teaching the gratifying experience it should be.”

Judson H. Taylor, President Emeritus
State University of New York, Cortland

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