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Using Microsoft Office to Enhance Student Learning

Using Microsoft Office to Enhance Student Learning

February 2008 | 280 pages | Corwin
`The author has done a brilliant job. Quick and easy directions combined with real examples make this book useful for the rookie and the tech-savvy veteran. Harried educators under fire for not using technology effectively enough will find dozens of ideas to help change the way they use these tools in their classrooms' - Dusti Howell, Associate Professor, Emporia State University

Author, Using PowerPoint in the Classroom, Second Edition

For those who want to teach more creatively, but feel pressed for time, this book is for you! Not intended to endorse additional software purchases, this guidebook helps you use the programmes you already have to better advantage. Designed for both seasoned veterans and novice users of Microsoft Office, this resource enhances lesson content, promotes student engagement in the learning process, and offers:

- Easy-to-follow directions for beginner to advanced projects in each chapter

- Suggested projects by grade level in maths, science, language arts, and social studies

- A companion CD-ROM with templates and sample finished projects

Using Microsoft Office to Enhance Student Learning provides all the tools educators need to incorporate current technology into lessons that can effectively promote student achievement across content areas.

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About the Author
1. Introduction to Using Microsoft Office to Enhance Student Learning
Project Format


Sample Project Page

Companion CD

2. Microsoft Word Projects
WD-01 True-False Test

WD-02 Multiple-Choice Test

WD-03 Essay Test

WD-04 Mixed-Design Test

WD-05 Scavenger Hunt

WD-06 Grade-Level Readability Test

WD-07 Charts and Graphs

WD-08 Daily Journal

WD-09 Creating Templates

WD-10 Math Templates

WD-11 Class Newsletter

WD-12 Cloze Test

WD-13 Maze Test

WD-14 Peer Editing and Reviewer Comments

WD-15 Decision-Making Aid

WD-16 Memorizing Text Passages

WD-17 Flash Cards

WD-18 Course Syllabus

WD-19 Writing Guide

WD-20 How to Write Instructions

3. Microsoft PowerPoint Projects
PP-01 Water Cycle

PP-02 Back-to-School Night

PP-03 Classroom Seating Chart

PP-04 Postcards

PP-05 Math Place Value

PP-06 Insects

PP-07 Trading Cards

PP-08 Analogies

PP-09 Weather Report

PP-10 Rounding Review

PP-11 Vocabulary Words Flash Cards

PP-12 Q & A Review

PP-13 Electronic Portfolio

PP-14 Comparing Numbers

PP-15 Where I Live

PP-16 Multiple-Choice Test

PP-17 Talking Book

PP-18 WebQuest

PP-19 Pseudo-Jeopardy Quiz Game

PP-20 Critical Reading for Content

4. Microsoft Excel Projects
XL-01 Recording Weather

XL-02 Peer Grading Rubric

XL-03 Class Grade Book

XL-04 Self-Checking Quiz

XL-05 Skeletal System

XL-06 Five in a Row

XL-07 Annotated Family Tree

XL-08 Measures of Central Tendency

XL-09 Ratio, Fractions, Decimals, Percentages

XL-10 Counting Coins

XL-11 Math Four-Function Worksheets

XL-12 Interactive Map

XL-13 Practice With Multiplication

5. Microsoft Access Projects
AC-01 Reading List

AC-02 U.S. Presidents

AC-03 Exercise Program

AC-04 United States of America

AC-05 Weather Observations

AC-06 The Continents

AC-07 Planets

AC-08 Class Library

AC-09 Geometric Shapes

AC-10 Video List

AC-11 Student Data

AC-12 Clouds

AC-13 Student Behavior

AC-14 Peer Review

6. Microsoft Publisher Projects
Pl-01 Signs

PL-02 Student Resume

PL-03 Award Certificate

PL-04 Information Flyer

PL-05 Special Events Sets

PL-06 Homework Pass

PL-07 Homework Calendar

PL-08 Bookplate Labels

PL-09 Letterhead Stationery

PL-10 Postcard

PL-11 Concert Program

PL-12 Yearbook or Program Ads

PL-13 Class Newsletter

PL-14 Information Brochure

PL-15 Greeting Cards

PL-16 Banner

PL-17 Tent Card

PL-18 Poster

PL-19 Business Cards

PL-20 Class Web Site

Resource A. Complete Projects Database
Resource B. Project Templates
Resource C. State Departments of Education and Curriculum Standards Web Sites
Resource D. Project Supplemental Information Web Sites
Resources Included on the Companion CD

The author has done a brilliant job. Quick and easy directions combined with real examples make this book useful for the rookie and the tech-savvy veteran. Harried educators under fire for not using technology effectively enough will be sure to find dozens of ideas to help change the way they use these tools in their classroom.

Dusti Howell, Associate Professor
Emporia State University

"I have been a consistent user of Microsoft Office for years and found many of the projects to be fresh and new. There is a true range of projects for all ability levels."

Mark Westerfield, Distance Learning Coordinator
White River School District, Buckley, WA

"Livers offers an incredible range of classroom-based Microsoft Office applications. Not only are wide-ranging templates provided, but the book also serves as a tutorial guide for teachers who choose to create their own applications. Ultimately, the real value is that this book can serve as both a time-saving tool and as a creative engine for classroom teachers of virtually any technology skill level, grades level, and subject area."

James H. Stronge, Heritage Professor of Education
College of William and Mary

"With the extra duties placed on teachers these days to design, align, produce, and perform, and with student and teacher accountability on the rise, a book like this is a valuable resource for teachers of all disciplines and grade levels."

Joseph Meersman, Video Production Teacher
Toppenish High School, WA

Overall this books gives a great overview for the area in which it was developed for, Microsoft Office for enhancing student learning.
The book's content is useful and potentially useful depending on the level of teaching.
In most areas the book reads of well with an overall good structure and language suitable for the level of understanding it was aimed for.

Mr Fraz Dar
Faculty of Engineering & Computing, Coventry University
May 8, 2015

Although some of the book's content is useful, many of the websites and information is out of date. This book does need updating.

Mrs Cheryl Hine
Teacher Training, Leeds City College
October 21, 2013

Book presents very easy to follow instructions on aspects of using Microsoft Office. Includes a CD Rom with templates and sample projects

Mr Gilbert Regan
mathematics and computing, Dundalk Institute of Technology
July 5, 2012

Excellent book!
I have adopted some of the techniques mentioned in the book in my day-to-day teaching.

Business School, Limra College
July 12, 2011

Really good book, the steps are clear and well laid out. Well suited to a young audience.

Mr Martin Downes
CVERA, University College Dublin
May 5, 2010

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