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Weaving Science Inquiry and Continuous Assessment

Weaving Science Inquiry and Continuous Assessment
Using Formative Assessment to Improve Learning

Foreword by Susan Mundry

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Formative Assessment | Science

June 2003 | 152 pages | Corwin
Weaving Science Inquiry & Continuous Assessment explores the nature of continuous assessment in the context of science inquiry, and contains specific tools and techniques, along with stories and strategies in teachers' own words. Chapters cover the following subjects that reflect the latest information and most current teaching environment:

- the essence of continuous assessment

- the context for continuous assessment

- techniques and tools for facilitating inquiry and collecting student data

- analyzing and using continuous assessment data

- challenges, realities and advice

- continuous assessment and professional growth

By engaging in this process of inquiry and continuous assessment, both students and teachers will benefit from this fresh approach to learning, thinking, and assessment.

Susan Mundry
About the Authors
1. The Essence of Continuous Assessment
2. The Context for Continuous Assessment: Student Inquiry
3. Techniques and Tools for Facilitating Inquiry and Collecting Student Data
4. Analyzing and Using Continuous Assessment Data
5. The Journey: Challenges, Realities, and Advice
6. Continuous Assessment and Professional Growth
Resource A: Techniques, Tools, and Uses of Continuous Assessment
Resource B: National Science Education Standards
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The authors provide a rationale and practical tools for weaving continuous assessment and instruction in science into the fabric of learning. Teachers who use the methods in the book will know what and how students are learning every day and gain insights into how to best facilitate learning in their classrooms.

From the Foreword by Susan Mundry, Project Director

Assessing what students know and are able to do is a major component of standards-based education and is one of the hottest topics on the educational scene. This book addresses assessment in a unique way and provides an excellent opportunity for readers to view and understand formative assessment as equal to summative assessment.

Kathy DiRanna, Statewide Director

This wonderful 'how-to' book offers new approaches for assessing inquiry-based teaching and learning. This book is a must for the science educator’s library.

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