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What Every Principal Should Know About Instructional Leadership

What Every Principal Should Know About Instructional Leadership

December 2005 | 144 pages | Corwin
The first in its series, What Every Principal Needs to Know About Instructional Leadership recognizes that today's headteacher must play an active and on-going role as instructional leader if that headteacher's primary goal is raising student achievement.

Aligned to the standards for effective school leadership defined by the Educational Leadership Constituent Council in the USA, this book highlights the essentials of instructional leadership for aspiring, new, and experienced headteachers.

Full of strategies, the latest research, and reflective questions, readers will hone and refresh the skills necessary to be effective instructional leaders.

About the Author
Questionnaire: Before We Get Started...
1. Introduction
Case Study and Reflective Questions

2. Best Practices in Teaching
Reflective Practice


Incorporating Academic Allocated, Instructional, Engaged, Success Time

Using Wait Time

Using Direct Instruction

Incorporating Literacy Strategies

Differentiating Instruction

Using Divergent Questioning Techniques

Seeing Teaching in Action

Learning by Doing


3. Best Practices in Curriculum
Understand the Importance of Curriculum, and Assess Your Knowledge of Curriculum

Understand the Three Types of Curriculum

Understand the Three Approaches to Curriculum

Understand and Use the Tyler Model to Develop Curriculum

Understand the Curriculum Development Process

Understand How to Develop Quality Curriculum

Understand and Use Curriculum Standards


4. Best Practices in Supervision and Professional Development
Implement Clinical Supervision

Encourage Action Research

Collaboratively Plan and Implement Professional Development

Promote Instruction through PCOWBIRDS


5. Promoting Student Achievement for All
26 Best Practice Leadership Principal Behaviors

Conclusion: Making the Time for Instructional Leadership
Resource A. Realities of Instructional Leadership: In-Basket Simulations
Resource B. Assessing Your Role as Instructional Leader
Resource C. An Annotated Bibliography of Best Resources

"Written for the practicing principal, the book offers many valuable suggestions that can be implemented throughout the year."

Principal Navigator, September 2007

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