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What Every Teacher Should Know About Student Motivation

What Every Teacher Should Know About Student Motivation

Second Edition

June 2010 | 136 pages | Corwin
In this new and updated edition of What Every Teacher Should Know About Student Motivation, Donna Walker Tileston offers teachers brain-friendly strategies for motivating and challenging even the most at-risk or reluctant students.

Informed by current research on the plasticity of the brain, and new insights on the relationship between culture and student motivation, Tileston's model provides teachers with the information and strategies they need to get to the root of motivation problems and facilitate increased engagement and student achievement in their classrooms.

About the Author
Vocabulary Pretest
1. What Is Motivation and Why Does It Matter So Much?
What Is Motivation?

Build Intrinsic Motivation

What Is Extrinsic Motivation?

The Difference Between Rewards and Celebrations

2. What Are the Roots of Motivation?
Understanding the Mental Processes

The Self-System

The Metacognitive System

The Cognitive System

3. Motivation to Begin a Lesson or Task
Getting the Brain's Attention

The Role of Self-Attributes

The Role of the Self and Others

The Role of the Student's Perception of the Nature of the World

How Climate Affects Motivation

The Relationship Between Importance and Motivation

Why Is Efficacy Important to Motivation?

4. How Do We Encourage Students to Finish the Task?
Activiating the Metacognitive System

What About Minor Off-Task Behavior?

5. A Model for Developing Motivation in the Classroom
Attitudes Toward and Perceptions of the Learning

Learning States and Discipline Problems

What Ms. Walker Did to Reach Diverse Learners

6. A Model for Facilitating Motivation
A Model for Turning on the Motivation Within

Vocabulary Summary
Student at Risk




Extrinsic Motivation

Vocabulary Posttest
Vocabulary Pretest and Posttest Answer Key

"This book is user friendly, informative, creative, and current in today’s society."

Mari Teacher, Fifth-Grade Teacher
Henry B. Burkland School, Middleboro, MA

"Teachers can often get frustrated when they don't think their students care. This book gives the teacher a way to take ownership of the situation rather than blame the students."

Lyneille Meza, Coordinator of Data & Assessment
Denton ISD, TX

"The author addresses the number one issue in the classroom today. This book is full of exciting and applicable information on how to motivate today’s learners."

Gary L. Willhite, Teacher Educator/Associate Professor
University of Wisconsin, La Crosse

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