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Winning the Study Game: Reproducible Edition

Winning the Study Game: Reproducible Edition
Learning How to Succeed in School

January 2008 | 256 pages | Corwin
Formerly published by Peytral PublicationsAdvance studentsÆ study habits, foster analytical abilities, and enhance reading/writing proficiency with powerful exercises presented in layûflat binding format for easy reproduction and on a CD-ROM. This field-tested program will help students with learning difficulties acquire the essential skills to meet academic and life challenges with confidence. The CD-ROM is PC and Mac compatible.
Part I. Getting Organized
Unit 1: Developing a Personal Study Plan
Unit 2: Recording Your Assignments
Unit 3: Organizing Your Study Materials
Unit 4: Creating the Best Study Environment
Unit 5: Having a Master Plan
Part II. Power-Charging Your Studying
Unit 6: Power-Reading
Unit 7: Powering Up Your Reading Comprehension
Unit 8: Taking Notes
Unit 9: Studying for Tests
Part III. Thinking Smart
Unit 10: Problem-Solving
Unit 11: Goals
Unit 12: Priorities
Unit 13: Strategies
Unit 14: Cause and Effect
Unit 15: Heading Off Problems
Unit 16: Power-Thinking

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