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Work Sucks! Or Do You?

Work Sucks! Or Do You?

First Edition

January 2015 | 204 pages | SAGE Response

‘New to work? Cut the angst and move on’

Can't figure out why your workplace is complex and unfair? Washroom crying sessions and cafeteria rants not helping? They usually don't. But this book might. It asks you to use common sense—and some uncommon, hard-earned wisdom—to navigate the emotional minefield that office can often be in your early years. And it advises you to find your answers in your own beliefs and build a career, not just keep a job.

Introductory Essay: Why Is It So Unfair?
I’m Not Senior Enough for Me to Need to Read Managerial Claptrap Right Now. Or Am I?
The Very, Very Stock Exchange of Workplace Gyaan
Part II
What Am I Doing Here? I Was Meant for Greater Things
Yes, You’re Clearly Better Than the Imbecile Who Got Promoted. Now?
Career Crisis? Come, Join the Club
Part III
Don’t Fragment Your Thinking. Learn to Cut Stuff Out
Don’t Overrate the Praise. Don’t Overreact to the Sniping
Don’t Attribute to Malice what can be Explained by Insecurity
How You Work is Far, Far More Important Than What Work You Do
It’s Not About Your ‘Due’. Systems Outgrow You. Accept, Adapt

‘Anshul shares his unique take on navigating the daily kurukshetras. Anshul has bone-deep honesty in his writing [and is] absolutely unapologetic about his approach; he honestly shares the minutest of his observations and weaves in life philosophy.’

Prasoon Joshi
lyricist, screenwriter, advertising guru and copywriter

‘It is a compelling read for those not just planning to enter their working lives but equally for those entrenched at work: many of whom feel a certain heartbreak at their own seeming inadequacies.’

Suhel Seth
author of Get to the Top: The Ten Rules for Social Success

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