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Writing Meaningful Teacher Evaluations-Right Now!!

Writing Meaningful Teacher Evaluations-Right Now!!
The Principal's Quick-Start Reference Guide

Third Edition

August 2010 | 136 pages | Corwin
More than ever, this third edition of the best-selling Writing Meaningful Evaluations—Right Now!! is vital tool for every busy administrator.

In an era of increasing demands for quality performance-based evaluations, this book offers supervisors a diverse bank of areas to address during an evaluation plus sample phrases to assist in describing a teacher's performance. By supplying users with quick and efficient tools for writing fact-filled and comprehensive teacher evaluations, the book empowers educators to verbalize their goals and vision for their schools.

Updated throughout, this essential reference guide provides sample evaluations, forms, performance proficiency statements, and a timesaving CD-ROM with forms that can be easily customized. The book greatly enhances administrators' capacity for monitoring, assessing, and documenting instructional performance by providing tools for developing evaluations that are individualized and that provide an accurate, meaningful record for both administrators and staff.

Preface by Claudette J. Searchwell
About the Authors
I. Writing the Evaluation: Performance Statements, Suggested "Pats on the Back," and Vocabulary Aids
1. Professional Acumen
Performance Statements

A. Personal and Professional Attributes

B. Professional Ability

C. Professional Development

D. Reflections on Performance

E. Adherence to Mandates

F. The Professional Learning Community/Collaboration

Vocabulary Aids

Suggested “Pats on the Back”

2. The Positive Learning Environment
Performance Statements

A. Rapport With Students

B. Nurturing Student Self-Esteem

C. Providing Emotional Support/Building Emotional Strength

D. Classroom Climate/Culture

E. Student Management/Discipline

F. Promoting Student Safety and Well-Being (in class/school)

G. Promoting Student Safety and Well-Being (off-site)

H. Collaborating With Parents to Support Student Achievement and Well-Being

Vocabulary Aids

Suggested “Pats on the Back”

3. Preparation and Organization
Performance Statements

A. Lesson Planning

B. Record Keeping/Reports

C. Visuals, Displays, Collections

D. Physical Plant, Equipment and Supplies

Vocabulary Aids

Suggested “Pats on the Back”

4. Delivery of Instruction
Performance Statements

A. Motivating Students to Learn

B. Promoting Student Academic Growth

C. Clarity of Presentation

D. Instructional Practices

E. Technology As a Teaching Tool

F. Differentiated Instruction

G. Multiple Intelligences

H. Cooperative Learning/Student Collaboration

I. Critical/Higher-Order Thinking

J. Problem-Based Learning (PBL)

K. Special Education

L. Sex/Family Life Education

M. Environmental Education

Vocabulary Aids

Suggested “Pats on the Back”

5. Measuring Student Growth
Performance Statements

A. Empowering Students to Succeed

B. Conducting Ongoing Assessments

C. Strategies Employed to Evaluate Students

D. Utilizing Evaluation Data

Vocabulary Aids

Suggested “Pats on the Back”

II. Other Helpful Resources for Writing Performance Evaluations
6. Planbook Notations
7. The Evaluation Organizer
8. Sample Written Evaluations, With Commentary
9. Record of Evaluations Form
10. A Checklist of Basic Documentation and/or Conditions
11. Conference Forms
12. Informal Observation Form
13. Clinical Observation Data Form
14. Using Technology in Teaching/Learning
15. Common Areas of Concern, With Suggested Remedies
16. Chronology of Evaluation Activities
17. Cross-Reference of Key Terms

"The authors go beyond the general concept of evaluating to emphasize that supervision must promote lifelong learning skills for our teachers. This book and time-saving CD-ROM truly define the aim of instructional supervision to promote teacher growth and development."

Chester Kaminski, Elementary School Principal
Public School Number 11, Jersey City, NJ

"This practical guidebook thoroughly covers the process of evaluation and gives me a time-saving process for formal and qualitative evaluations. As an evaluator—it is a must!"

Nino Falcone, Adjunct Professor
New Jersey City University

"Evaluating teachers is one of the most difficult duties in any school district. The authors cover teacher evaluations by incorporating it into an in-depth, wide-ranging technological approach. Evaluation systems must include real opportunities for teachers to improve their performance, but must weed out those who ultimately can’t meet the required standards. This book helps me identify the professional standards and expectations needed to effectively improve teachers’ accountability and productivity."

Ellen Ruane, Associate Superintendent
Jersey City Public Schools, NJ

"The book’s user-friendly content aids in improving the new or underperforming teacher’s instructional skills by offering a myriad of editable statements and concepts that identify professional strengths and weaknesses. I highly recommend this guide to all administrative and supervisory personnel."

Jeanette Braswell, Principal
Lincoln High School, Jersey City, NJ

"This book is a great resource for teacher evaluations, helping the busy evaluator chronicle the influences made by teachers on the academic, social, and emotional growth of the students placed in their rooms."

Bob Buck, Assistant Principal
OEASA Principal Navigator magazine, Winter 2011

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Section One: Professional Acumen

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