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Brain & Behavior

Brain & Behavior
An Introduction to Behavioral Neuroscience

Fifth Edition (International Student Edition)

February 2018 | SAGE Publications, Inc

In the Fifth Edition, bestselling author Bob Garrett is joined by co-author Jerry Hough. Maintaining a 'big-picture' approach, they showcase our rapidly increasing understanding of the biological foundations of behaviour, along with thought-provoking examples and the latest research.

This new edition includes coverage of new projects dedicated to brain science research, such as the Human Connectome Project (to map all the brain's connections), BigBrain and The Brain Observatory (3-D maps of the brain) and the Human Brain Project (simulation of brain activity by a computer).

About the Author
Chapter 1. What Is Behavioral Neuroscience?
PART I. Neural Foundations of Behavior: The Basic Equipment
Chapter 2. Communication Within the Nervous System
Chapter 3. The Organization and Functions of the Nervous System
Chapter 4. The Methods and Ethics of Research
PART II. Motivation and Emotion: What Makes Us Go
Chapter 5. Drugs, Addiction, and Reward
Chapter 6. Motivation and the Regulation of Internal States
Chapter 7. The Biology of Sex and Gender
Chapter 8. Emotion and Health
PART III. Interacting With the World
Chapter 10. Vision and Visual Perception
Chapter 11. The Body Sense and Movement
PART IV. Complex Behavior
Chapter 12. Learning and Memory
Chapter 13. Intelligence and Cognitive Functioning
Chapter 14. Psychological Disorders
Chapter 15. Sleep and Consciousness
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