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Brexit – What the academics are saying

On 23 June Britain voted to leave the European Union. SAGE is providing free access to a range of academic research which engages directly with the referendum, the potential impacts of Brexit, or gives a background on the UK-EU relationship.

This resource will be updated as more research is published. 

Brexit Special Issues

Brexit Special

During four decades of membership, the UK never fully embraced the European project but most commentators still expected the country to vote remain. The ramifications of Brexit are still being felt – and will continue to be felt for years to come – but within hours of the result the British political landscape had changed, changed utterly. 


Political Studies Review

Symposium on The Dilemmas of Political Englishness

This eight paper symposium examines the dilemmas of political Englishness.


Special Issue: Immigration and the future of European integration

Guest Editors: Cengiz Erisen and Cigdem Kentmen-Cin


EU referendum: One year on

One year on from the EU referendum, the Political Studies Association (PSA) is pleased to have once again teamed up with The UK in a Changing Europe to bring you a comprehensive guide to Brexit, what has happened since the UK voted to leave the EU, and how things might unfold over the coming months and years.



Brexit, Immigration and Migrant Workers

Pointing the finger

Authors: Paul Donovan


Brexit and the Political Landscape

Flying the flag for neoliberalism

Authors: Liz Fekete

Neoliberalism and the Far-Right: A Contradictory Embrace

Authors: Neil Davidson and Richard Saull

Voting out of the European Union: Exploring the geography of Leave

Authors: Richard Harris and Martin Charlton

The Punishment Trap: Integration Referendums as Popularity Contests

Authors: Gerald Schneider and Patricia A. Weitsman

Brexit, Economic Impact and Trade

National Institute Economic Review Cover

Negotiating the UK’s Post-Brexit Trade Arrangements

Authors: Peter Holmes, Jim Rollo and L. Alan Winters

Brexit and the Media

Taken by surprise

Authors: Harry Mount

Remember that facts are sacred

Authors: Phil Harding

The hardest word

Authors: Michael White


A selection of articles on Euroscepticism, pre-Brexit.




British Journal of Politics and International Relations

The longevity of national identity and national pride: Evidence from wider Europe

Authors: Valentina Dimitrova-Grajzl, Jonathan Eastwood, Peter Grajzl