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Building Skills for Effective Primary Teaching

Building Skills for Effective Primary Teaching
A guide to your school based training

Second Edition
Edited by:

April 2020 | 300 pages | Learning Matters

This books supports primary trainees to understand the complex nature of effective learning and teaching in primary schools.  

It explores the key skills required, helping trainees begin use them in their teaching, reflect on their development of these skills (with their mentors) and evaluate their impact on learning. 

This book supports and challenges primary trainee teachers and their mentors (both school based and university/SCITT based) by offering a range of approaches, strategies and perspectives to aspects of primary teaching. 

This new edition:

·       Includes practical guidance for building resilience

·       Explores the latest teaching approaches being trialed in schools

·       Supports trainees to work with their in school mentor


Part 1 – Understanding the skills you need as a teacher
Becoming a reflective learner and reflective teacher
What kind of teacher will you be?
Teacher presence – what it is and why is matters in the classroom
Part 2 – Principles for teaching and theories of learning in the classroom
The essentials of teaching for learning
Theories of and approaches to learning
Part 3 – Getting teaching and learning right every day
Engaging learners
Part 4 – Teaching and understanding all of the children in you class
The importance of place, individual and context
Creating a truly inclusive classroom
Part 5 – Being a teacher
Professional responsibilities
Resilience and wellbeing for your learners and for you

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