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Business Research Methods and Statistics Using SPSS

Business Research Methods and Statistics Using SPSS

November 2008 | 560 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Ideal for those with a minimum of mathematical and statistical knowledge, Business Research Methods and Statistics Using SPSS provides an easy to follow approach to understanding and using quantitative methods and statistics. It is solidly grounded in the context of business and management research, enabling students to appreciate the practical applications of the techniques and procedures explained.


The book is comprehensive in its coverage, including discussion of the business context, statistical analysis of data, survey methods, and reporting and presenting research. A companion website also contains four extra chapters for the more advanced student, along with PowerPoint slides for lecturers, and additional questions and exercises, all of which aim to help students to:

- Understand the importance and application of statistics and quantitative methods in the field of business

- Design effective research studies

- Interpret statistical results

- Use statistical information meaningfully

- Use SPSS confidently

Research, Statistics and Business Decisions
Contrasting Philosophies and Approaches to Research
Ethical Issues in Research
Selecting the Topic and Conducting a Literature Review
Theory, Problem Definition, Frameworks and Research Design
How To Enter Data into SPSS and Undertake Initial Screening
Describing and Presenting your Data
Normal Distribution, Probability and Statistical Significance
Sampling Issues
Hypothesis Formation, Types of Error and Estimation
Power and Effect Size
Hypothesis Testing for Differences between Means and Proportions
Analysis of Variance Techniques (ANOVA)
Chi Square
Methods of Correlation
Testing Hypotheses of Relationships

Prediction and Regression
Reliability and Validity
Factor Analysis
Attitude Questionnaires and Measurement
Structured Interview and Questionnaires Surveys
Writing Up and Communicating Research

Very good introduction. Introduces statistics, SPSS, research methods and a bit science philosophy.

Dr Dick Heinhuis
Informatics Institute, University of Amsterdam
February 24, 2016

Really liked this book, it has a good mix of both methods and stats. Found this to be essential for the students in class moving forward who wanted to focus on quantitative rather than qualitative research.

Mr Gavin Brown
Business School, Dublin City University (DCU)
June 14, 2015

SPSS in business has a real value and this book helps students understand the application of SPSS

Mr Mark Barnett
Business Management and IT, Weston College
June 12, 2015

The combination of Research Essentials, Statistics and SPSS put this book on the top of our shortlist to support the bachelor lectures on research methods and statistics.
Figures and tables describing SPSS input and output look a bit outdated.

Mr Loek Stolwijk
Faculty of Science, University of Amsterdam
May 26, 2015

Book covers the three topics of our course: research methods, statistics and SPSS. This is rare in these kind of books.

Dr Dick Heinhuis
Informatics Institute, University of Amsterdam
April 16, 2015

As promised in the introduction of the book, this book is really ideal for those with a minimum of mathematical and statistical knowledge, like nursing students. However, the examples used in this book are related to the business reseach they can be easily adopted for health care and nursing research. The basic principles of statistical methods are explained very well, also, how to proceed the analysis in SPSS is described well. Thank you!

Dr Kaja Põlluste
Department of internal medicine, Tartu University
February 18, 2015

language is clear and easy to understand - easy to follow approach; sufficient discussion of the business context - could be further developed; the concluding section, part 5, could be further expanded - I have noticed that my students quite often seek advice on how to compile their reports; plenty of of prompts for practice

Mr Georgios Zifkos
Business Management, York St John University
February 4, 2015

The books seems to have found a useful niche in that it combines helpful, straightforward guidance on research design relating to business research with a clear and accessible approach to how statistical methods can be used meaningfully in the analysis of the data to emerge from such research. The book is particularly useful because it tackles the analysis, through statistical techniques, of subjective, qualitative data. The book is comprehensive and detailed in its approach but is very easy to follow.

It will be recommended as supplemental reading only because it will not be relevant to all our students (given the broad span of research areas in which they are engaged), but I will recommend that all our students refer to it in establishing a broad knowledge of methodological and analytical techniques, in order that they can make an informed decision in establishing the most appropriate approach for their research.

Dr Tina Barnes
Warwick Manufacturing Group, Warwick University
August 27, 2014

Text was considered against Field (2014) and it was deemed that Burns and Burns was a little more difficult to follow for the students and much initial research methods understanding was assumed. Will be considered as a reference guide for post-graduate students however in the future

Mr David Cockayne
Dept of Transport and Logistics, Huddersfield University
March 27, 2014

A very useful text book which will deepen understanding of research within the field of business and management.

The first few chapters offer some very interesting arguments for and against both qualitative and quantitative research.

Subsequent chapters offer a deep understanding of SPSS and all the tests a business student would need are included.

Accessible text which is both easy to understand but comprehensive.

Mr Patrick Hutchinson
Department of Business, Newcastle College
June 12, 2013

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