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Case Study Methods in Business Research

Case Study Methods in Business Research

Four Volume Set
Edited by:
  • Albert J Mills - St Mary's University, Halifax, Canada
  • Gabrielle Durepos - Mount Saint Vincent University, Canada, St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, Nova Scotia

October 2012 | 1 672 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Case studies are one of the most popular approaches to business and management research. By bringing together research accounts from various research traditions, this collection is unique within the field. Over four volumes, the editors focus on central themes in the subject over time, before moving on to selected cases from positivist, interpretivist and critical approaches, and finishing with a look at traditions of the 'post'.

The set provides a highly accessible collection for anyone in business studies wishing to explore in depth and have readily available a sizeable number of case study accounts.

Volume One: Introduction to Central Themes in Case Study Research in Business

Volume Two: Positivist Case Study Research in Business

Volume Three: Interpretive and Critical Approaches to Case Studies in Business

Volume Four: Case Study Research from the Traditions of the Post and Beyond

Jennifer Platt
'Case Study' in American Methodological Thought
Stéphane Dufour and Dominic Fortin
Lewis Lawes
Does Prediction Conflict with Individualization?
Robert Angell
Memorandum Concerning a Proposed Research Technique
Frank Alexander Ross
On Generalization from Limited Social Data
Howard Becker
Culture Case Study and Ideal-Typical Method
With Special Reference to Max Weber

Paul Lazarsfeld and W.S. Robinson
The Quantification of Case Studies
Mervin Durea
A Clinical Case Study
Martin Glaeser
The Los Angeles Bureau of Power and Light
A Case Study of Public Ownership

William Orton
A Case Study

J. Franklin Ererbsole
The Influence of Interest Rates upon Entrepreneurial Decisions in Business
A Case Study

Richard van Wagenen
Financial Control
A Case Study

Joseph Scanlon
Profit-Sharing under Collective Bargaining
Three Case Studies

Alvin Zander
The WP Club
An Objective Case Study of a Group

Elliott Jaques
Studies in the Social Development of an Industrial Community (The Glacier Project)
I. Collaborative Group Methods in a Wage Negotiation Situation - Part One: Case Study

Preston Lebreton
The Case Study Method and the Establishment of Standards of Efficiency
Chris Argyris
Some Problems in Conceptualizing Organizational Climate
A Case Study of a Bank

Matthew Miles
Qualitative Data as an Attractive Nuisance
The Problem of Analysis

Chris Argyris
Some Limitations of the Case Method
Experiences in a Management Development Program

Robert Yin
The Case Study Crisis
Some Answers

Ianna Contardo and Robin Wensley
The Harvard Business School Story
Avoiding Knowledge by Being Relevant

Paolo Quattrone
The Possibility of the Testimony
A Case for Case Study Research

Rebecca Piekkari, Catherine Welch and Eriikka Paavilainen
The Case Study as Disciplinary Convention
Evidence from International Business Journals

Albert Mills and Jean Helms Mills
Digging Archeology
Post-Positivist Theory and Archival Research in Case Study Development

Robert Burgelman
A Process Model of Internal Corporate Venturing in a Major Diversified Firm
Monica Diochon
Governance, Entrepreneurship and Effectiveness
Exploring the Link

Jane Dutton and Janet Dukerich
Keeping an Eye on the Mirror
The Role of Image and Identity in Organizational Adaptation

Kathleen Eisenhardt and L.J. Bourgeois III
Politics of Strategic Decision-Making in High-Velocity Environments
Toward a Mid-Range Theory

Vance Fried and Robert Hisrich
Toward a Model of Venture Capital Investment Decision-Making
Connie Gersick
Time and Transition in Work Teams
Toward a New Model of Group Development

Geert Hofstede et al
Measuring Organizational Cultures
A Qualitative and Quantitative Study across 20 Cases

Douglas Holt
How Consumers Consume
A Typology of Consumption Practices

David Levy
International Sourcing and Supply Chain Stability
Patricia Phillips McDougall, Scott Shane and Benjamin Oviatt
Explaining the Formation of International New Ventures
The Limits of Theories from International Business Research

David Murillo and Josep Lozano
SMEs and CSR
An Approach to CSR in Their Own Words

Cele Otnes, Tina Lowrey and L.J. Shrum
Toward an Understanding of Consumer Ambivalence
Robert Sutton and Anat Raphaeli
Untangling the Relationship between Displayed Emotions and Organizational Sales
The Case of Convenience Stores

William Weeks and Jacques Nantel
Corporate Codes of Ethics and Sales Force Behavior
A Case Study

Mayer Zald and Patricia Denton
From Evangelism to General Service
The Transformation of the YMCA

Luigi Zingales
The Value of the Voting Right
A Study of the Milan Stock-Exchange Experience

Andrew Pettigrew
On Studying Organizational Cultures
Karl Weick
The Collapse of Sense-Making in Organizations
The Mann Gulch Disaster

Michael Pratt
The Good, the Bad and the Ambivalent
Managing Identification among Amway Distributors

Diane Vaughan
The Dark Side of Organizations
Mistake, Misconduct and Disaster

Dvora Yanow
Supermarkets and Culture Clash
The Epistemological Role of Metaphors in Administrative Practice

Päivi Eriksson and Keijo Räsänen
The Bitter and the Sweet Evolving Constellations of Product Mix Management in a Confectionery Company
Peter Gronn
The Accomplishment of School Administration
Tony Watson
Narrative, Life Story and Manager Identity
A Case Study in Autobiographical Identity Work

Tony Tinker and Marilynn Neimark
The Role of Annual Reports in Gender and Class Contradictions at General Motors, 1917-1976
Lucy Taska and Dimitria Groutsis
Managing Cultural Diversity
Bernard Leca and Philippe Naccache
A Critical Realist Approach to Institutional Entrepreneurship
David Collinson
Engineering Humor
Masculinity, Joking and Conflict in Shop-Floor Relations

Amy Thurlow and Jean Helms Mills
Change, Talk and Sense-Making
Emma Bell
Towards a Critical Spirituality of Organization
Ian Greener
Nick Leeson and the Collapse of Barings Bank
Sociotechnical Networks and the 'Rogue Trader'

David Jacobs
Labor and Social Legislation in the United States
Business Obstructionism and Accommodation

Geoff Easton
Critical Realism in Case Study Research
Mats Alvesson
Gender Relations and Identity at Work
A Case Study of Masculinities and Femininities in the Advertising Industry

David Boje
Stories of the Storytelling Organization
A Postmodern Analysis of Disney as 'Tamara-Land'

Charles Booth et al
Accounting for the Dark Side of Corporate History
Organizational Culture Perspectives and the Bertelsmann Case

Joanna Brewis
Refusing to Be 'Me'
Laurie Cohen and Gill Musson
Entrepreneurial Identities
Reflections from Two Case Studies

Bill Cooke
The Managing of the (Third) World
Christopher Grey
On Being a Professional in a 'Big Six' Firm
Cynthia Hardy, Nelson Phillips and Stewart Clegg
Reflexivity in Organization and Management Theory
A Study of the Production of the Research 'Subject'

David Knights, Fergus Murray and Hugh Willmott
Networking as Knowledge Work
A Study of Strategic Inter-Organizational Development in the Financial Services Industry

Brad Long and Albert Mills
Globalization, Post-Colonial Theory and Organizational Analysis
Lessons from the Rwanda Genocide

Steve Maguire and Cynthia Hardy
The Emergence of New Global Institutions
A Discursive Perspective

Beverly Metcalfe and Alison Linstead
Gendering Teamwork
Re-Writing the Feminine

Diego Rinallo and Francesca Golfetto
Representing Markets
The Shaping of Fashion Trends by French and Italian Fabric Companies

Stefan Sveningsson and Mats Alvesson
Managing Managerial Identities
Organizational Fragmentation, Discourse and Identity Struggle

Anne Witz, Chris Warhurst and Dennis Nickson
The Labour of Aesthetics and the Aesthetics of Organization
Patrizia Zanoni
Diversity in the Lean Automobile Factory
Doing Class through Gender, Disability and Age


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