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Cases in Gender & Diversity in Organizations

Cases in Gender & Diversity in Organizations

February 2006 | 264 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Cases in Gender and Diversity in Organizations is a compilation of real-life business cases illustrating the unique opportunities and challenges for managers of the new, more demographically diverse workplace. The casebook provides a thorough overview of the issues and challenges facing organizations as more women enter the workplace, as parents struggle to create more balance between their work and family lives, and as members of different ethnic groups interact more frequently in work organizations around the world.
Introduction to the Ivey Casebook Series by Paul W. Beamish
1. Workplace Discrimination
Avoiding Discrimination in Employment Selection and Retention: Some Legal Issues  
Staffing at Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (A)  
Nextech Inc. (A)  
Stamford Machine Corporation: Allegations of Racism  
Ottawa Valley Food Products  
CTV Newsnet (A)  
2. Sexual Harassment
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: Definition, Cases and Policy  
Rebecca Collier  
Ruth Jones (A)  
"Most Likely to Sleep With Her Boss…and the Winner Is…Gail Wilson" (A)  
3. Work-Life Balance
Anna Harris (A)  
4. Organizational Diversity Programs
Diversity: A Quota by Any Other Name?  
Women in Management at London Life (A)  
The Bank of Montreal--The Task Force on the Advancement of Women in the Bank (A)  
"Synergy" at City Hall (A)  
5. Cross-Cultural Diversity
Ellen Moore (A): Living and Working in Bahrain  
Ellen Moore (A): Living and Working in Korea  
Julie Dempster (A)  
The European Experience (A)  
Being Different: Exchange Student Experiences  
The Changing Face of Europe: A Note on Immigration and Societal Attitudes  
6. Entrepreneurship
Marie Bohm and The Aspect Group  
The Purchasing Co-Op  
Growth, Strategy and Slotting at No Pudge! Foods, Inc.  
English Center for Newcomers  
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