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Change Management

Change Management
A Guide to Effective Implementation

Fourth Edition

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Change Management

December 2015 | 336 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Now a classic in its field, the fourth edition of Change Management: A Guide to Effective Implementation continues to offer readers highly practical strategies and step-by-step guidance for applying different models of change in different organizational scenarios. 

New to the Fourth Edition:

  • A third expert author, Sabina Siebert, bringing a background in sociology and cultural studies
  • An improved structure that consolidates all the existing strengths of the previous editions and separates the book into three parts, beginning with chapters assessing ‘The Impact and Definition of Change’, ‘Implementation and Evaluation of Change’ and ending with a critical outlook in ‘Change Management – A Critical Perspective’
  • A wealth of new and richly detailed case studies with an international and cross-cultural scope that draw upon different organization types, environments and perspectives for a diverse and global understanding of the current field of change management 
  • Two additional chapters on leading change and organisational culture, offering unparalleled coverage of managing systems and processes, combined with increased emphasis on managing human issues.

For students taking Change Management courses on Business and Management degrees, MBA's, specialist masters and healthcare subjects.

Chapter 1: Introducing Change Management
Chapter 2: Change and the Manager and the Objective Outsider
Chapter 3: Cultural attributes of change
Chapter 4: Leading Change
Chapter 5: The Nature of Change
Chapter 6: Mapping Change
Chapter 7: The Systems Approach to Change
Chapter 8: Total Project Management
Chapter 9: People Management
Chapter 10: Organizational Development
Chapter 11: Competing narratives
Chapter 12: Organizational Politics and Change
Chapter 13: The Future of Change

This book addresses some of the key issues related to change from a practical, hands-on and realistic perspective. It will help the reader understand how to lead change; engage with change and survive change. In the fourth edition, the focus remains very firmly on the ‘nuts and bolts’ of organizational change – competing resources; politics; conflicts of interest and understanding. But the reader also benefits from change being examined from two very different angles – the organized systems perspective and a focus on people development.

Christopher Rodrigues
Chairman, VisitBritain

Digitalization, industry 4.0 and new mobility concepts, just to name some trends, challenge businesses but also provide new opportunities. Empirical research strongly suggests that the ability to manage change is a very important prerequisite with respect to coping with challenges and sustained success. Researchers and consultants recommend the implementation of professional change management processes or even the appointment of a corporate change manager.

This well-structured and comprehensive book provides the essentials of change management for leaders of organizations and consultants as well as students and researchers.

Dr. Richard Wagner
Professor of Business Economics and Management, FOM University Essen, Germany

In a dynamic and unpredictable world, this text writes the roadmap for managing change. The student journey through 'Change Management' tackles contemporary and global issues from various perspectives.  In preparation for the graduate workplace, management and business students will find this text both purposeful and meaningful.

Anne MJ Smith
Senior Lecturer of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Glasgow School for Business and Society, Glasgow Caledonian University

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