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Chase the Change

Chase the Change
Bridging the Gap between Thinking and Doing

  • Sandeep Jain - CEO & Founder, Value-Unlocked Private Limited

September 2022 | 248 pages | SAGE Response
The heaviest burden that anyone can carry is the burden of their unrealized potential, and yet most of us are guilty of carrying this burden. 

We all know that change does not come easy. It is a process, and we need to make it happen. The book explores what holds us back, the psychology of change, the unconscious biases that interfere with change, and the irrefutable laws of change which we all are aware of but don't live by. Using his learnings, observations and research, the author has codified the process of personal change in WONDER—an acronym for how to get started with change, build positive habits, motivation and commitment to stay the course, and how to eventually win at change.
Change Is the Only Way Forward
What Holds Us Back?
Psychology of Change
Irrefutable Laws of Change
WONDER Code of Change
W = What Do You Want to Change and Why?
O = Owning the change
N = Now Is the Time to Start
D = Discipline of Doing
E = Escalating the Effort
R = Reflecting on Your New Reality
Chase the Change Worksheet
The Letter from the Thinker
Final Words
Book Summary: Sketchnotes

‘Changing behaviour and habits can feel like a confusing and overwhelming process. Chase the Change breaks down the critical elements to creating lasting change for your life, backed by research and expertly explained. Read this book, follow its advice and watch your career, relationships and life change!’

Dr Marshall Goldsmith
Thinkers50 #1 Executive Coach and New York Times bestselling author of Triggers, Mojo and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

‘People make resolutions to change and to do better every now and then, whether it be at the beginning of the year or after some life-altering circumstances. But making a drastic change in your life is not easy, and sticking to it is even more difficult. Sandeep’s book is the solution to this problem. His WONDER code of change is worth trying and incorporating if you are truly looking to change. It is a must-read for everyone who feels they are yet to realize their full potential.’

Sameer Suneja
Group Chief Executive Officer, Perfetti Van Melle

‘Our brain cells start ageing after we turn twenty, and we need to find ways to slow down that process in every possible way; learning a new activity would help us do that. However, change is not easy; it is often uncomfortable and needs perseverance. Sandeep’s WONDER code is a good
acronym to navigate through the challenges of change. The book, with interesting quotes and practical experiences, is particularly suited for those of us who tend to procrastinate, which means very many people!’

Stefano Pelle
Author and Ex-CEO and MD, Ferrero India and Piaggio India

'Chase the Change will make you think and question the status quo like never before. Brimming with practical insights and tips to traverse the change journey all of us are reluctant to undertake, it will act as a springboard to align your thinking and actions to bring about the change you desire. Thanks to Sandeep’s experience as a leadership coach in dealing with change at multiple levels, we now have an actionable playbook for personal growth that all of us can relate to!’

Rakesh Singh
VP Products and GM India, Citrix

‘Sandeep has taken learnings and insights from his years as a CXO coach and distilled them into this delightful read peppered with relatable anecdotes, inspiring quotations and effective tools. Engaging and light in tone, this book would be useful to professional greenhorns and seasoned players alike. I think that even upcoming coaches will find this book enriching!’

Chanakya Chaudhary
Vice President Corporate Services, Tata Steel

‘A relevant book in today’s time when change is the only constant. It is like a lamp atop a mountain which may not completely reveal the path but keeps us oriented in the right direction. Change requires us to challenge the status quo and push for more. I am sure that this book will help individuals to stay on course in their journey to change for the better.’

Shashi Shekhar
Editor-In-Chief, Hindustan

'Sandeep is not only bridging the gap between thinking and doing but is also closing the gap between walking and talking: he left the corporate world to become a successful entrepreneur, executing a carefully crafted plan to support individuals in making deliberate choices for success. His credibility is what stands out, and his book provides the anchors to ask yourself the tough questions that make all the difference in life.’

Mieke Van de Capelle
Chief HR Officer, Firmenich

‘This book forms an essential read for all aspiring leaders planning to gain necessary escape velocity to give their life and career an orbit shift. The WONDER code of change that the book proposes addresses the most critical questions that we all deal with, everyday!’

Dr Rajnish Dass
Managing Director, Catallyst; former Professor, IIMA and Cornell University

'With his keen business acumen and deep passion for mentoring leading minds, Sandeep has written a book that captures the striking correlation between change and success.
He addresses the need for behavioural changes and provides a powerful methodology to achieve it. Chase the Change has resonated with me, at both personal and professional levels.’

Ritu Arora
CEO and Chief Investment Officer Asia, Allianz Investment Management

‘If change is inevitable and growth is a choice, then here is a book which really pushes you to make that choice. Sandeep uses all his experience as a coach to empower the reader with tools, narratives, and inspiration to transition from a thinker to a doer. Chase the Change is a practical guide to winning at any change!’

Avinash Pandey
CEO, ABP Network

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