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Child and Family Assessment in Social Work Practice

Child and Family Assessment in Social Work Practice

Second Edition

November 2010 | 240 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This thoroughly revised and updated second edition of Child and Family Assessment in Social Work Practice is an essential guide for social work students and practitioners involved in the assessment of children and their families. Focusing on 'core' assessments and guiding the reader through the complexities of conducting assessments of need and risk, the book now includes within each chapter a range of specifically-tailored exercises and focus points which encourage readers both to reflect on what they have learnt and to understand how they can apply that learning to practice.

Placing a strong emphasis on good, evidence-based, assessment practice, Sally Holland has also, for this new edition, included original research evidence from a wide range of up-to-date research studies which are relevant to today's practice and which aim to promote a critical and reflective approach to the assessment process.

The book is divided into three parts:

- Part 1 explores different appoaches to assessment work, outlining policy changes and their implications for working with children and their families.

- Part 2 studies those involved in child and family assessments: children and their parents; and the relationship between the assessors and the assessed.

- Part 3 - a more practical guide - outlines the actual process of an assessment, illustrated by case studies, focusing on planning assessment methods, analysis, reporting and critical evaluation.

Accessibly relating theory and research to actual practice through the use of case studies, exercises, and suggestions for good practice and further reading, this book has a student-friendly structure It will be an invaluable resource for practitioners and academics across the field of social welfare, particularly for those embarking on, or already involved in, child and family assessment.

Assessment in Child and Family Social Work
The Nature of Assessment: Law, Art and Science
Time and Change
The Assessment Relationship
Children in Assessments
Assessing Parents
Assessment Design
Analyzing and Reporting
Conclusion: A Fair and Thorough Assessment

Up to date and relevant to all PQ students studying assessment processes. This book takes a realistic look at the process of assessments and helps the practitioner understand the realistic expectations one can gain from in depth work with families.

Mrs Sally Booth
School of Education and Social work, University of Sussex
January 28, 2011

Very useful book

Mr Michael Marriott
Dept. Family Care and Mental Health, Greenwich University
January 10, 2011

A very helpful source for practitioners in child and family practice settings.

Philip Gilligan
Social Work , Bradford University
January 7, 2011

The book is very useful for the children & families module- it contains both current research and many practical hints.

Ms Mary Smith
social work, Havering College of Further and Higher Education
January 4, 2011

This book is a helpful introduction to assessment work for students preparing for their first practice placements.

Mr Dave Mason
Faculty of Health, Staffordshire University
December 24, 2010

Easy to read, easy to locate information

Mrs Fiona Wilkes
BA (HONS) Degree in Social Work, North East Worcestershire College
December 16, 2010

If this book is anywhere near as good as Hollands first it will be an invaluable text for students wanting to develop a critical perspective on assessment and working with families.

Ms Noreen Maguinness
Health and Social Care, Chester University
December 14, 2010

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