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Child Development

Child Development
Concepts and Theories

April 2018 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Understanding child development is essential to ensuring a full and rounded psychological grounding, but given the complex nature of the topic it can be a real challenge.

Child Development: Concepts and Theories takes a step back to focus just on the key concepts of child development that all students must learn. With this book, their first encounters with theories and their applications will mean that they can move on with a firm foundation in child development. Central to this, is understanding how these theories or concepts are applied in the real world and how psychologists engage with them in research. This book gives clear and detailed examples to bring the subject to life. Each chapter features case studies that run throughout the chapter and develop as the students' own understanding does.

Written for undergraduates, the book will become essential to any student wanting a key to unlock the world of child development.

Jean Mercer is Professor Emerita of Psychology at Stockton University, New Jersey, and writes a blog, “Childmyths”,

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Some basic concepts of child development
Chapter 3: Concepts related to genetic factors and prenatal development
Chapter 4: Concepts of physical growth and development
Chapter 5: Development of cognition and perception
Chapter 6: Concepts of emotion and personality
Chapter 7: Social development and formative experiences

This book has it all – key concepts, practical examples, riveting research, and critical thinking. This conceptual approach will help students see the big picture as well as specific snapshots into the life of the developing child.

Stephen Hupp
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Professor Mercer has taken great care to explain the complexities of conceptual thinking in child development – the way metaphors can help us put words to the unobservable, but also how that can then constrain our thinking about the process. And she does this in a very accessible way, right across child development. Importantly, this includes attention is given to development that takes place before birth, rather than with the neonate.

It is a welcome world away from the dry, analytical thinking as taught in my undergraduate days. Complicated terminology is returned to everyday experience and everyday practice examples. I wish I had had this kind of writing as an undergraduate.

Dr. Matt Woolgar
CYP-IAPT Parent Training Module Lead & Senior Researcher, National Academy of Parenting Research, Kings College

This is an engaging and accomplished book, cautiously and critically reviewing a range of complex literatures on child development. It will equip students with a skeptical and questioning approach to some of the claims routinely made about child development and parenting and encourage them to ask the right questions of themselves and others.

Sue White
Professor of Social Work, University of Sheffield

this provides an in depth view of child development and supports learning beyond milestones and into deeper understanding of human growth and development

Ms Marie Hatton
Children & Families, Telford And Wrekin Student Academy
June 6, 2018

A very useful book for a more detailed analysis of child development particularly useful in relation to protecting and safeguarding children and young people in understanding theoretical concepts.

Mrs Toni Benaton
Britannia Mill Campus, Derby University
May 30, 2018

A very good short introduction to the concepts and theories within Child Development. Useful for both tutors and students. Very readable and clear layout.

Mr Neil Robdale
Occupational Therapy, Glyndwr University
May 24, 2018

This text is a really good introduction to issues relating to child development, with useful guidance on additional reading sources. The key concepts are explained clearly, with a good level of critical analysis considering researching these issues. Engaging case studies are used throughout to allow the reader the opportunity to apply their knowledge. A great text for undergraduates studying developmental psychology, early childhood studies or teaching.

Mrs Suzi Smale
Psychology, Petroc College
May 9, 2018

Excellent book and it is insightful and informative for my students.

Mr Rohit Sagoo
Health & Social Care (Cambridge), Anglia Ruskin University
May 9, 2018

well written, drawing on theory and applying on practice, provid8ng challenges to understanding and developmental for the reader too.

Mr David Rawcliffe
School of Pre-Qualifying Nursing & Vocational Health Care, Bucks New University
March 12, 2018

This is a text that will be included on my reading list. For newer students this is a great starting point

Dr Chelle Davison
Early Years Development and Learning, Coventry University
March 12, 2018

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Chapter 5: Development of cognition and perception

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