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Children's Health Care

Children's Health Care
Issues for the Year 2000 and Beyond

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April 1999 | 336 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
`The authors of this superb book write about needs, financial issues and the effectiveness of youth health care programmes, in particular outpatient mental health services....I would heartily recommend this book to school and community nurses, doctors, health visitors, social workers, youth services, psychologists, psychiatric nurses and teachers in health education/promotion. Reserachers, graduate students and practitioners who want the latest synthesis on the topic of mental health services for children and families will all find this volume a stimulating read and a projection for possible future directions, discussion and research' - International Journal of Health Promotion & Education

As the United States approaches the millennium, how will it address the mental health needs of its youth? The contributors of this volume grapple with this issue and provide fodder for discussions on how to insure and improve the future health care of our children. Beginning with an overview of children's health care from colonial times to the present, the leaders in this field address such issues as: the Federal governments'involvement in health care services for low income families; the two major models for service delivery, the effectiveness of outpatient mental health services; the most effective forms of intervention for changing specific dysfunctional behaviours; the financial issues of health care delivery, including ways to increase cost effectiveness; and, the issues of psychopharmacology versus `talk' therapies.

Children's Health Care - Issues for the Year 2000 and beyond

John G Day
Children and Health Care in the United States
Past, Present and Future

Christie Provost Peters
Federal Involvement in Health Care Services
The Medicaid Program - A Safety Net for Low-Income Families and Children

Michael M Faenza and Elizabeth Steel
Mental Health Care Coverage for Children and Families
Joy G Dryfoos
School-Based Health and Social Service Centers
William D Marelich and Mary Jane Rotheram-Borus
From Individual to Social Change
Current and Future Directions of Health Interventions

Robert W Plant
The Future of Psychotherapy in a Changing Health Care System
Nancy J Kennedy
Behavioral Medicine
The Cost-Effectiveness of Primary Prevention

Gary M Blau and David A Brumer
Developing Integrated Service Delivery Systems for Children and Families
Opportunities and Barriers


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