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Children's Thinking

Children's Thinking
Cognitive Development and Individual Differences

Seventh Edition

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Cognitive Development

August 2022 | 736 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Chapter 1. Introduction to Cognitive Development
Chapter 2. Biological Bases of Cognitive Development
Chapter 3. Social Construction of Mind: Sociocultural Perspectives on Cognitive Development
Chapter 4. Infant Perception and Cognition
Chapter 5. Thinking in Symbols: Development of Representation
Chapter 6. Learning to Think on Their Own: Executive Function and Strategies
Chapter 7. Memory Development
Chapter 8. Problem Solving and Reasoning
Chapter 9. Language Development
Chapter 10. Social Cognition
Chapter 11. Schooling and Cognitive Development
Chapter 12. Approaches to the Study of Intelligence
Chapter 13. Origins, Modification, and Stability of Intellectual Differences

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