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Clinical Psychology: Revisiting the Classic Studies

Clinical Psychology: Revisiting the Classic Studies

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July 2019 | 360 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Clinical Psychology: Revisiting the Classic Studies traces 14 ground-breaking studies by researchers such as Leo Kanner, David T. Lykken and Aaron T. Beck to re-examine and reflect on their findings and engage in a lively discussion of the subsequent work that they have inspired. Revisiting the Classic Studies is a series of texts that introduces readers to the studies in psychology that changed the way we think about core topics in the discipline today. It provokes students to ask more interesting and challenging questions about the field by encouraging a deeper level of engagement, both with the details of the studies themselves and with the nature of their contribution. Written by researchers at the cutting edge of these developments, the chapters in each text provide details of the original works and their theoretical and empirical impact and then discuss the ways in which thinking and research.
Defining “Insanity” – Building on Rosenhan (1973)
The Experimental Study of Mental Health Problems – Building on Watson & Rayner (1920)
The Origins of Cognitive Therapy – Building on Beck (1964)
Defining Autistic Spectrum Disorder – Building on Kanner (1943)
Cognitive Models of Depression – Building on Beck (1987)
Trauma and Repressed Memories – Building on Williams (1995)
Negative Automatic Thoughts and Mental Health – Building on Wenzlaff, Klein & Wegner (1991)
Learned Helplessness & Depression – Building on Seligman (1974)
Panic Disorder as a Psychological Problem – Building on Clark (1986)
Cognitive-Behavioural Analyses of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder – Building on Salkovskis (1985)
Depression as an Attributional Style – Building on Alloy, Lipman & Abramson (1992)
The Diathesis-Stress Model of Psychosis – Building on Brown & Birley (1968)
The Antisocial Personality – Building on Lykken (1957)
Gene-Environment Interactions – Building on Yehuda, Flory, Pratchett, Buxbaum et al. (2010)

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