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Collaborative Assessment for Multilingual Learners and Teachers

Collaborative Assessment for Multilingual Learners and Teachers
Pathways to Partnerships

Illustrations by Claribel Gonzalez, Foreword by Maria G. Dove

November 2024 | 200 pages | Corwin

Collaborative assessment practices lead to strong partnerships

Join bestselling authors Margo Gottlieb and Andrea Honigsfeld on an engaging journey to showcase collaborative assessment within assets-driven instructional practices. Integrating instructional and assessment cycles, explore how multilingual learners can interact with each other and their teachers to form lasting partnerships. Using evidence-based, research-informed strategies, Gottlieb and Honigsfeld invite educators to form partnerships to fortify linguistically and culturally sustainable assessment within their classroom routines.

Throughout the learning journey, Collaborative Assessment for Multilingual Learners and Teachers offers:

  • Practical tips and adaptable templates to reinforce assessment during instruction
  • Vignettes that bring practical application of key concepts to life
  • Protocols and tools for teachers and multilingual learners to engage in reflective conversations about their learning
  • Recurring colorful icons that capture the travel theme and much more…

Collaborative assessment approaches AS, FOR, and OF learning encourage relationship building to foster multilingual learners’ academic, linguistic, cultural, and social-emotional development. This practical guide supports educators in implementing collaborative assessment and welcomes multilingual learners to be partners in the process.

Chapter 1: Setting Out on a Journey Through Collaborative Assessment
Chapter 2: Collaborative Instructional and Assessment Cycles
Chapter 3: Collaborative Assessment AS Learning
Chapter 4: Collaborative Assessment FOR Learning
Chapter 5: Collaborative Assessment OF Learning
Chapter 6: Collaborative Assessment Beyond the Classroom

“As we strive towards a new and necessary season of education where multilingualism is the treasured norm, this book will guide our collective passion to collaboratively and effectively serve our brilliant students and families who have been historically marginalized by ineffective assessment systems.  Beginning in early childhood and lasting through high school graduation, we can and must do better, together, and this resource will enlighten the journey”

Kari Keith
Director of Multilingual Programs, at Community Consolidated School District 15

“This book offers practical and thoughtful resources to guide pre and in-service K-12 teachers in planning and implementing collaborative assessments as, for, and of learning. Given the strong emphasis on assessment in the current educational climate, and how daunting assessment can feel for teachers, this is a much needed resource advocating for a culturally sustaining approach to the assessment of multilingual learners!”

Dr. Kathleen McGovern
Assistant Professor of TESOL at The University of Southern Maine

“Setting up an equitable playing field isn’t always easy for teachers, so Drs. Gottlieb and Honigsfeld provide clear and explicit answers to issues related to best practices in assessing multilingual learners. As we put adaptable classroom-ready templates and tools into practice, we can rest easy knowing that we are not only effectively addressing the assessment needs of our students, but we are also nurturing their overall academic and social-emotional needs. Their work is systemic, flexible, and inspirational because it provides multiple pathways for a collaborative assessment journey.”

Katie Leven
podcaster at The Intentional TESOL Podcast

“Educators who need a comprehensive and practical resource on collaborative assessment will find this book to be invaluable, especially for their multilingual learners. Drawing from classroom examples, scholarship, and evidence-based teaching, Gottlieb and Honigsfeld guide readers on a “journey” through collaborative assessment, illuminating key issues, challenges, and opportunities. This book is a must-read for teachers and other educators who are committed to supporting multilingual learners in K-12 settings.”

Ilka Kostka, PhD
Teaching Professor, of Northeastern University

“Drs. Gottlieb and Honigsfeld, Margo and Andrea, brilliantly crafted this book to guide educators regarding collaborative assessment practices--with student agency at the center. Now, more than ever, our field must move beyond the widespread, inequitable decisions made based on high-stakes test data that, by design, repeatedly fall short in capturing MLs’ true capabilities. Margo and Andrea offer real-world pathways to adopt collaborative, evidence-based assessment practices that showcase the countless dimensions of linguistic and cultural splendor MLs bring to our schools and communities.”

Dr. Joan Lachance
Associate Professor at UNC Charlotte

“Bringing together Margo Gottlieb’s equitable assessment practices and Andrea Honigsfeld’ s effective collaborative strategies, this book takes the reader on a stimulating learning journey to develop a practice of collaborative assessment. This valuable text is a must read for educators in schools implementing collaborative teaching models. It is also an excellent book for those interested in exploring new pathways toward multilingual learners’ academic success. To transform your practice, get an extra copy for your partner.”

Lori M. Edmonds
Assistant Professor of ESL Education at the University of Alabama at Birmingham

“Margo and Andrea's book, "Collaborative Assessment for Multilingual Learners and Teachers: Pathways to Partnerships," is a timely and valuable resource. It tackles two crucial issues for K-12 language specialists:

  • Fostering seamless collaboration between content and language teachers to facilitate effective content-based language learning.
  •  Elevating the role of assessment to provide actionable data for immediate, short-term, and long-term instructional decisions.

“One of the book's unique strengths lies in its emphasis on leveraging the combined knowledge of educators, students, and families. This collaborative approach, presented through an engaging "Journey" theme, equips teachers with practical strategies to seamlessly integrate assessment into daily routines. This minimizes disruption while maximizing learning opportunities. The book's clear and accessible presentation makes it easy for educators to grasp the concepts and readily apply them in their classrooms.”

Lynn Shafer Willner
Standards and Accessibility Researcher/Digitalization Specialist at WIDA at the University of Wisconsin, Madison

“This powerful duo cleverly links assessment with collaborative practices for a more equitable and assets-based approach. The creative artistic signals used along the way will help the reader tread and ponder over critical points of the framework. That will help facilitate reflection and implementation. A wonderful book on multilingual learner assessment!”

Margarita Calderón
Professor Emerita at Johns Hopkins University

“How can collaborative teaching for multilingual learners happen without collaborative planning? It cannot. And how can collaborative planning and teaching happen without authentic, embedded, and equally collaborative assessment? It should not. Gottlieb and Honigsfeld definitely fill a logistical gap with this book, providing accessible, practitioner-friendly ideas for ways in which educators of multilingual learners can – and do - collaborate with their colleagues and their students to make assessment what it can be and should be. This book’s journey towards collaborative assessment is one that positions planning, teaching, and assessing all as parts of the same collaborative endeavor, one that is done for and with multilingual students rather than to them. But it also asks all educators to truly see and value multilingual students for who they are and what they bring as assets to schools and communities everywhere.”

Miriam Ehtesham-Cating
Director of Programs for Multilingual Learners at Burlington School District, Burlington VT

“As our district of over 1000 multilingual learners invests ina strengthened, inclusive EL Program Model focusing on co-teaching and integrated ELD, equitable assessment practices for multilingual learners has become a priority topic. This timely, relevant and easy-to-read text by Gottlieb and Honigsfeld is a must-read for educators at all levels who aim to enhance their assessment practices through an assets-based approach! From practical tips to adaptable templates, educators will be equipped with powerful tools to use right away. The authors weave vignettes from various educators around the United States and beyond throughout the text bringing the research and theory to life! We have seen the incredible impact of collaborative practices in various instructional settings, and we are anxious to roll up our sleeves to strengthen our collaborative assessment practices based on the combined expertise of Gottlieb and Honigsfeld!”

Pamela Schwallier, PhD.
Director of El and Bilingual Programs at West Ottawa Public Schools

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