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Commercial Use of Biodiversity

Commercial Use of Biodiversity
Resolving the Access and Benefit Sharing Issues

First Edition
  • Shivendu K. Srivastava - I.F.S., Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Madhya Pradesh Forest Department

January 2016 | 344 pages | SAGE India

This book provides insights to various stakeholders for making the commercial use of biodiversity a gainful enterprise for both the poor and the rich. 

The benefits from genetic resources are mostly drawn from the commercial use of traditional knowledge held by indigenous communities. This book discusses the issues of access to these resources and the equitable sharing of benefits drawn from them by examining a range of worldwide biodiversity prospecting partnerships. It underlines the acrimonious debates between technology-rich developed countries and biodiversity-rich developing countries. Additionally, assessing the bargaining power of developing countries and the emerging biodiversity laws, it highlights the ‘thinking globally, acting locally’ principle and urges for access and benefit sharing to be evolved as a new discipline of study.

The book will prove beneficial to all stakeholders involved in the business of the world’s biodiversity.

Trade of the Components of Biodiversity: Status and Challenges
Traditional Knowledge in the New IPR Regime
Implications of WTO and the North–South Divide
The Access and Benefit Sharing Regulations: Global Scenario
Case Studies on the Commercial Use of Biodiversity: Analysis of the Benefit Sharing Arrangements
Forging Bioprospecting Partnership Contracts: Mechanism for Equitable Benefit Sharing
Bargaining Power of the Resource Provider Countries
Resolving the Issues: The WayAhead

The book explores the possibility of sustainable use of biodiversity and associated traditional knowledge with economic benefit for the communities and countries that have conserved them for generations…. His effort to comprehensively include in the book all aspects of access and benefit sharing will certainly enable managers, researchers, activists and representatives of the indigenous community to negotiate better deals in the future.

Frontline, 27 May 2016

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