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Community Corrections

Community Corrections

Second Edition

© 2014 | 656 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Offering comprehensive coverage with an applied, practical perspective, Community Corrections, Second Edition covers all the major topics in the field while emphasizing reintegration and community partnerships and focusing strongly on assessment, risk prediction, and classification. Author Robert D. Hanser draws on his expertise with offender treatment planning, special needs populations, and the comparative criminal justice fields to present a complete assessment of the issues and challenges facing community corrections today. Insights into how the day-to-day practitioner conducts business in community corrections are illustrated by such things as the increasing role technology plays in the field.
Chapter 1. Definitions, History, and Development of Community Corrections
Chapter 2. Community Corrections: Public Safety is Job One
Chapter 3. Assessment and Risk Prediction
Chapter 4. The Role of the Practitioner
Chapter 5. Legal Liabilities and Risk Management
Chapter 6. Specific Aspects Related to Probation
Chapter 7. Specific Aspects Related to Parole
Chapter 8. Needs-Based Case Management and Case Planning
Chapter 9. The Viability of Treatment Perspectives
Chapter 10. Community-Based Residential Treatment Facilities
Chapter 11. Intermediate Sanctions
Chapter 12. Restorative Justice
Chapter 13. Juvenile Offenders
Chapter 14. Specialized and Problematic Offender Typologies
Chapter 15. Diversity Issues and Cultural Competence in a Changing Era
Chapter 16. Program Evaluation, Evidence Based Practices, and Future Trends in Community Corrections

Loved the book very interesting.

Mrs Taylor Williams
Mason City, Buena Vista University
April 6, 2015

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