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Community Equity Audits

Community Equity Audits
Communities and Schools Working Together to Eliminate the Opportunity Gap

January 2020 | 136 pages | Corwin
Bridge the gap in opportunity to overcome the gap in achievement!

To close the achievement gap, we have to close the opportunity gap. Good teaching and leadership are not enough if students live in communities that do not have adequate resources to ensure student health and well-being. 

Addressing the opportunity gap is a big job but it can be done! And we can show you how. 
Along with step-by-step instructions on how to conduct a community equity audit, detailed examples, activities, and funding source recommendations will help you assess ways in which schools, parents, and the larger community can collaborate to eliminate the opportunity gap. The community equity audit answers the questions
• Do the children in my community have the same opportunity as children in other communities?
• Does my community have the same resources as other communities?
• If my community needs more resources how can we provide them?

Unify the vision of all stakeholders, from civic leaders to family members, to address and eliminate the out-of-school factors that create the opportunity gap. 

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ISBN: 9781544360966