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An Introduction to Qualitative Research

An Introduction to Qualitative Research
Becoming Culturally Responsive

June 2024 | 448 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Part One: Foundations of Qualitative Research
Introduction: Introducing Qualitative Research in a Culturally Responsive Context
Chapter One: What is Culturally Responsive Qualitative Research?
Chapter Two: Reflexivity, Ethics, & Theory—Foundations of Qualitative Research
Chapter Three: Qualitative Research Methodologies
Chapter Four: Exemplars of Qualitative Research
Chapter Five: Proposing Qualitative Research—Literature Review, Research Questions, Research Design
Chapter Six: Research Participants
Part Two: Data Collection
Chapter Seven: Observation
Chapter Eight: Interviews
Chapter Nine: Material Data
Part Three: Making the Most of Research Data, Rigor, and Representation
Chapter Ten: Enhancing Trustworthiness
Chapter Eleven: Analyzing Qualitative Data
Chapter Twelve: Writing, Representing & Publishing and Promoting Research Accounts

Author Maria K. E. Lahman offers refreshing insights on conducting culturally competent qualitative research. Reflexive questions, examples of students' research, and extensive resources are excellent components of the textbook.

Denice Kopchak Sheehan
Kent State University

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