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Adam Matthew publishes UK government Foreign Office files exposing a unique history of the Middle East in the 1970s

Foreign Office Files for the Middle East, 1971-1981 - there is simply no other place where one can find the same breadth and depth of historical records for the region online
– Michael Gasper, Occidental College

(Marlborough, UK) Containing complete runs of Foreign Office files from the UK government's official archives, this timely online collection provides an expansive and unique view of key events across the region, and their impact on global politics and everyday life.

Jacob Klerman Named New Editor of Evaluation Review

Los Angeles, CA - Abt Principal Associate and Senior Fellow Jacob Klerman has been named Editor of Evaluation Review (A SAGE Journal)The journal serves as an interdisciplinary forum for researchers, planners, and policymakers who develop, implement, and utilize studies designed to improve the human condition.