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SAGE transitions Trends in Amplification to the open access Trends in Hearing

Los Angeles, CA - SAGE today announces that Trends in Amplification has transitioned from a subscription-based journal to a fully open access journal with the new name Trends in Hearing (Trends).

As Trends in Hearing, the open access journal will also widen the scope of its content to publish research and clinical reports from speech pathologists, audiologists, and the broader medical community. Articles will cover a range of topics impacting the ear, brain, and act of hearing.

SAGE titles honored by ALA'S RUSA and Booklist

Los Angeles - Eight more SAGE titles have recently received recognition for their excellence. ALA’s Reference and User Services Association (RUSA) has chosen four titles for their various Outstanding Reference Sources lists and the prestigious Booklist has selected four SAGE titles to be included in their annual Editor’s Choice: Reference list.

Discover how the mind and the body are linked in SAGE Reference's Encyclopedia of Sport and Exercise Psychology

Los Angeles - Why do some athletes reach the very top of their sport and others don’t? Is it possible to train an athlete’s mental processes, alongside the physical training, to achieve peak performance, maintain concentration, motivation and competitive drive—even when dealing with competitors, teammates, audiences, parents, coaches, or injuries? The new two-volume Encyclopedia of Sport and Exercise Psychology from SAGE Reference explores the theory, research, and application of psychology as it relates to sport and fitness.

Understand how social media has changed politics in SAGE Reference's Encyclopedia of Social Media and Politics

Los Angeles - Political messages, throughout history, were delivered to the masses by an elite few through “the power of the press” in newspapers, and later through broadcast media. Then social media exploded onto the scene and everything changed. Suddenly, it’s possible for anyone to share political viewpoints, and with enough friends or followers, swing public opinion. The new, authoritative and comprehensive Encyclopedia of Social Media and Politics from SAGE Reference explores how the rise of social media is now altering politics around the world.

The First World War Portal Awarded Best Reference by Library Journal

The combined award covers both First World War collections: Personal Experiences and Propaganda and Recruitment

Marlborough, England - Digital primary sources publisher, Adam Matthew, announced today that The First World War Portal is the latest Adam Matthew collection to be awarded Best Reference by Library Journal.

How free are different countries in the world? Historical Guide to World Media Freedom: A Country-by-Country Analysis

Washington, DC - One important way to measure liberty is how free a citizen is to criticize his government—whether through the traditional print and broadcast news or the more modern social media. How much the news is censored is also a measurable indicator. Comparing media freedom throughout history and country by country is the new Historical Guide to World Media Freedom: A Country-by-Country Analysis, published by CQ Press.

Control classroom chaos and provide a quality learning atmosphere: The SAGE Encyclopedia of Classroom Management

Los Angeles, CA. Some teachers have classrooms where exceptional learning is the norm for each student and, at the same time, those students are courteous and feel safe and cared for. Other classrooms can be chaotic and disjointed and quality learning is difficult to achieve. How do the excellent teachers balance learning and student support? The SAGE Encyclopedia of Classroom Management raises issues and introduces evidence-based, real-world strategies for creating and maintaining well-managed classrooms where excellent learning thrives.


Adam Matthew announces an exclusive agreement with California State University, Fresno to digitize the Donald G. Larson Collection

Marlborough, England - Digital primary sources publisher, Adam Matthew, today announced the digitization of one of the largest World’s Fairs collections in the world: the Donald G. Larson Collection at the Henry Madden Library, California State University, Fresno.

Kale salad or chips-and-dip: What’s for dinner? Explore the academic field of food in The SAGE Encyclopedia of Food Issues

Los Angeles, CA - Raw or cooked, processed or fresh: Food is a hot topic. With the constantly changing messages about food, it’s hard to know what to eat nowadays. What’s touted as a health food one day is deemed unsafe the next. With some hyped diets focused on juicing, vegetarian, Paleo, low carb/protein -rich, gluten free, organic, even eating foods in specific combinations, along with those dealing with food allergies—who can keep up with the trends? Plus there are ecological concerns about how the food is manufactured.