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Journals Production

Production … What is the role of a Production Editor (PE … project managers for the production process, guiding articles and issues …

Issue Production

smooth sailing through issue production … deadlines or reminders if needed. Issue Production

Digital Products

CQ Press Library keeps you up to date—and well versed in … SAGE Journals. Digital Products

Digital Library Products

products on a wide range of subject areas across the social sciences … Try our suite of digital library products at your library today … feaa7f2ab060f4165cb&forcenew=true&formtype=libtrial&product

Vineet Kumar

networks, large scale data analytics (big data), and digital products and … digital products and services, and strategies firms should adopt in developing and marketing digital products. Kumar, Vineet …

Mark A. Gagnon

executive in forest products and building materials. He has been involved in two green building products start-ups and has managed product portfolios over USD 300M. In addition, Mark has extensive experience in new product

Nandy Lynn

Nandy Lynn is the Director of the National Productivity Gold Production Group Ltd., Myanmar and PhD (OD) candidate at Assumption University, Myanmar Campus …

Rebecca Dodder Dodder, Rebecca …

Gayatri R. Rao, MD, JD

Products Development (OOPD) at FDA. As Director, she oversees a number of programs created to promote the development of promising products for rare … Device Designation Program, the Orphan Products Grants Program, and the …