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Contract Farming and Land Tenancy in Indian Agriculture

Contract Farming and Land Tenancy in Indian Agriculture

  • Parmod Kumar - Professor, Agricultural Development and Rural Transformation Centre, Institute for Social and Economic Change, Bengaluru, India
  • A.V. Manjunatha - Director (Evaluation), Karnataka Evaluation Authority, Planning, Programme Monitoring and Statistics Department, Government of Karnataka, India
  • Suman K. Sourav - Research scholar, University of Kassel, Germany

December 2020 | 352 pages | SAGE India
Contract Farming and Land Tenancy in Indian Agriculture explores key determinants that drive contractual/lease relationships through the examples of various existing arrangements in the country. It is based on the premise that contract farming or leasing can be an attractive option to policy makers  keen on integrating the poor into the industrialized sector of the economy by helping them access the gains from trade that characterize successful agricultural tenancy arrangements. Agricultural diversification can be promoted through a favourable environment of policy support in the area of contract farming and by reforming land policies that will enhance the bargaining power of small holders. The book systematically analyses contract farming in the broader framework of existing land and lease market system. It contains cross-sectional assessment with field insights from various states. The book will help to formulate a strong policy in favour of stakeholders involved in contract farming and land tenancy in India.
Foreword by Ramesh Chand
Contract Farming and Land Tenancy in India: An Introduction
Land Market Development in India
Contract Farming and Land Tenancy: A Review of Literature
Household Characteristics, Cropping Pattern and Land Productivity
Resource Use and Profitability: Contract, Lease and Control Farmers
Marketing, Employment and Farmers’ Opinion about Contract Farming and Land Tenancy
Functioning of Contract farming, Land Leasing and Land Sharing
Annexure 7.1: Land Leasing Companies
Contract Versus Non Contract Agricultural Wage Workers
Promotion of Contract Farming and Land Tenancy
Conclusions and Policy Suggestions

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