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Controversial Issues in Educational Policy

Controversial Issues in Educational Policy

January 1993 | 184 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Controversial Issues in Educational Policy examines the current debates in US education including such issues as parental choice, decentralization, bilingual education and the role of business. For each issue, tensions among the conflicting ideas of conservatism and liberalism and among the basic societal values of equity, liberty and efficiency and excellence are examined. Bierlein discusses multiple aspects of each topic and equips readers with a foundation necessary to carefully analyze the debates.
The American Educational System - How Has It Come To Be?
Who Is In Charge and How Equal Are We?
What's Wrong with the Way the Educational System is Organized?
How Can We Hold the System Accountable?
What's the Big Deal about Choice?
Can Schools Do It All?
What is the Future of the US Educational System?

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