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Corporate and White Collar Crime

Corporate and White Collar Crime

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June 2008 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
`This timely collection contains contemporary case studies and critical analyses by leading writers in the study of white collar corporate crime. It makes an invaluable contribution to the 'criminology of the corporation'" - Professor Hazel Croall, Glasgow Caledonian University

Corporate and White Collar Crime is an essential overview of this diverse subject area and encourages students to develop a broad understanding of the topic. Aimed primarily at undergraduate and postgraduate students in Criminology, Criminal Justice and Business and Management Studies, the book will cross-over into many other disciplines including Law and Social Policy.

"This is an innovative and multidisciplinary analysis of corporate and white collar crime that is both theoretically and empirically rich. The text serves as a poignant reminder why research involving the powerful must be a central part of criminological inquiry and why this book is essential reading."

Professor Reece Walters, The Open University

"Again and again, pension funds are pillaged, investors fleeced, commuters killed, workers maimed, and communities poisoned. Why is it that so few of these acts are defined as crimes, and why is it that, even when they are, prosecution is so rarely effective? Corporate Crime and White Collar Crime addresses these very questions through its rigorous, well-developed analysis and its wide ranging empirical focus - on Europe, North America, Asia and beyond. The book can help all of us to re-examine our understanding of the nature of crime and of criminals, and to reassess the costs as well as the benefits of our current economic, political and social order."

Professor Frank Pearce, Queen's University, Canada

John Minkes and Leonard Minkes
Steve Tombs
Corporations and Health and Safety
Laureen Snider
Corporate Economic Crimes
James Gobert
The Evolving Legal Test of Corporate Criminal Liability
Robert Elliott Allinson
The Foundations of Business Ethics
Maurice Punch
The Organization Did It: Individuals, Corporations and Crime
Brian J. Loasby
Organizational Decision Making: Economic and Managerial Considerations
Omi Hatashin
Crime and Culture: Corporate Crime and Criminal Justice in a Different Cultural Environment
Gerald Mars
Rethinking Occupational Deviance and Crime in the Light of Globalization
David Weisburd, Elin Waring and Nicole Leeper Piquero
Getting Beyond the Moral Drama of Crime: What We Learn From Studying White Collar Criminal Careers

This book by very reputable authors offers the readers a study of corporate and white collar crime in a setting where these crimes can be evaluated through a critical perspective and asks many questions regarding the prosecution of white collar crime.

Mr Martin Dorgan
MBA, University College Cork (NUI)
December 11, 2015

The concepts in this book make it very suitable to further learning in the area of white collar crime

Mr Martin Dorgan
MBA, University College Cork (NUI)
May 12, 2016


Mr David Potter
Business and Management, Glyndwr University
July 1, 2015

Powerful discussion of elite crime, challenging popular myths of deviance/crime as a thing that predominantly poor people do, providing much opportunity to discuss and challenge popular stereotypes and consider the role of ideology.

Dr Joanie Willett
Department of Politics, Exeter University
June 24, 2013

While many texts gloss over the issue of corporate crime, Minkes has compiled a text which forces students to engage with the debate and challenge their assumptions and perspectives on corporate crime.

Mr Paul Matthews
Business Administration , University College Birmingham
December 14, 2012

A useful book that demonstrates to the student that crime is not just carried out by marginalized groups. It permits the student to pursue and understand aspects of criminal behaviour and informs them about the holistic nature of crime. It also provides a link between the concept of crime as state crime etc.

Dr Mervyn Sinclair
E&I school of Human Sciences and Law, Buckinghamshire New University
May 15, 2010

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