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Corporate Frauds

Corporate Frauds
Business Crimes now Bigger, Broader, Bolder

Critical Acclaim

November 2021 | 336 pages | SAGE Response
Falsification of accounting numbers, financial shenanigans, banking deceits, reneging on quality promises, money laundering, conversion of white money into black and vice versa, tax avoidance, shell companies, Ponzi schemes, technology tricks, insurance imposters and investors falling into the potholes of lies and damn lies—Corporate frauds are getting bigger, broader and bolder.

The size and scale of business deceit is becoming murkier, messier and massive even as regulatory strictures are getting bolstered. On top of it, the coronavirus crisis brought new opportunities for the fraudsters with cybercrimes reaching unprecedented levels.

Awareness of how swindlers rip off and knowing their tricks will help unravel the hocus-pocus of the magicians of hoax. This book is an attempt to bring to fore the many lies and deceptions committed by the business world. 

From the author for two bestsellers, Who Blunders and How (2019) and Who Cheats and How (2015), comes an exciting and pacy rundown of how cons and swindlers mint money. The book discusses the psyche and modus operandi of the defrauders. It stresses the impact and possible actions to avoid, prevent or protect against chicaneries.  

Read this book to be aware, anticipate and avoid the business-world charlatans lurking around to con us.
The (Un)Ethical Manager
Corporate Con Artists
Corruption and Corporations
Technology Tall Tales
Banking Deceits
The Art of Hiding Shady Wealth
Ponzi Schemes
Stock and Commodity Market Swindles
Insurance Imposture
Accounting Artifice
Ominous Omens of Financial Frauds

I am an avid reader of Robin’s books. He is an author of choice. Being a practising and successful manager himself, he never takes a moralistic stand; his books and comments are practical, real and never stripped of fair play. I would recommend this book to everyone: those who are in business, those who are not, those responsible to raise a voice and even those who remain silent but have something to care about—whether their wealth or their conscience! Like most books written by Robin, I am sure that this too will delight its readers. It will be a great reference in libraries, research institutions and academic archives.

Ashok Barat
Ex-MD, Forbes & Co. Ltd; Past President, Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry

As a banker, investor or anyone with interest in the financial services, the first rule is to avoid the fraud trap. At the heart of all analysis lie numbers and sometimes numbers that lie. The quality of your analysis and understanding of the company is driven by the genuineness of those numbers. The trap is of corporate artists who have perfected the art of presenting numbers that tell a beautiful tale. Good bankers, investors and analysts are those who can smell these numbers and sift the truth from the tale. If you have read Robin’s earlier books, then you would be familiar with what to expect. If not, then let him take you on a journey that gives you a detailed insight into the modus operandi of these elaborate corporate frauds. It is said that those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it. In his simple but straight-shooting style, Robin takes us through a crash course on the history of corporate frauds that will enable us to spot the next trap.

Aseem Dhru
CEO and MD, SBFC Finance Pvt. Ltd

Robin’s well-researched and deeply insightful new book focuses on a subject that is rarely discussed, though it impacts global economies everywhere. While books on individual scams abound, the larger issues involved in white-collar crime have rarely been examined, and it is this that makes Banerjee’s work unique. Drawing on personal observations, anecdotes, intensive enquiry and his own visible concern over the issue, Robin takes an in-depth look at the growing deceit in the business arena, globally. He also delves into history and notes that companies down the ages have indulged in unethical behaviour. The author’s objective, however, goes beyond identifying corporate crimes and the people behind them; he also explores the compulsions that fuel such traits. In an era where crime is taking on increasingly sophisticated dimensions and technology is a double-edged sword that both enables it and offers solutions, this book is long overdue. It also serves as an important reminder that criminal activity, however suave it might be, may offer short-term gains, but it is good governance that ensures a company’s lasting value.

B. Thiagarajan
CEO and MD, Blue Star Ltd; Chairman, CII (Western India) 2021–2022

Robin Banerjee holds a mirror with a firm hand, again. As shareholders, professionals or even as consumers, we are impacted by wrongdoings of people and brands we trust—affected often in more ways than we may know. This book is an important service to keep our worldview open to the reality out there.

Damodar Mall
CEO, Reliance Fresh and Reliance Smart

A cutting and incisive look at the corporate world and where the hidden secrets lie! Robin Banerjee has turned his magnifying glass towards the prevalent practice of ‘fraud’ in its many forms in the professional sphere. By understanding the real root causes behind unethical behaviour and classifying them in a way that is easy to understand and recall in our day-to-day activities, this book is an invaluable guide to avoiding the same mistakes that have led to many scandals in the corporate world. The book gives ample examples from the entire gamut of businesses of the way people and corporations are misled and shows us how to steer clear of these practices by being conscious of our actions.

Edward Menezes
Chairman, Rossari Biotech Ltd

Corporate Frauds, the latest creation of Robin, narrates the spectrum of frauds and its aftermath that continue to haunt the economy. In fact, this book should be taken as continuation of Robin’s previous book, Who Blunders and How? Both together qualify to be an indispensable part of any employee induction programme across organizations, whether small, medium or large. Going forward, governance is one of the sustenance pillars for companies along with environment and social (part of the ESG) themes. I love this book on governance, which is written in Robin’s inimitable style. I feel that every entrepreneur should live, imbibe and prosper through this book.

K. Nandakumar
Chairman, Chemtrols Group; Member, CII MSME National Council

Robin’s book, Corporate Frauds, is a prescription for good corporate governance. I always believe you can learn either from your own mistakes or from somebody else’s mistakes. But corporate governance mistakes are so costly that, in fact, they can cost you your life, freedom and reputation and so it is much better to learn from somebody else’s mistakes. Therefore, I would definitely recommend this book as a standard reading material for all professionals and students of management. I would also like to compliment the author for the fast-paced language, almost like an addictive web series. It is definitely a very engrossing and interesting read.

Piruz Khambatta
Chairman, Rasna Pvt. Ltd; Ex-chairman, CII (Western Region)

Once again, Robin has picked up a tricky subject, corporate frauds, to push our boundaries of knowledge. As humans push the boundaries of innovation using technology, it appears that fraudsters and cheats are the first to monetize the benefits of the new technology by combining it with plain old trust building. Fraud has moved from a one-off act by a misunderstood loner to a planned action by groups of otherwise honest individuals. Packed with contemporary and popular examples, this book is a fast read written in a direct style.

Ramesh Ganesan
CEO and MD, HDB Financial Services Ltd

Amazing reading! Dark side of the corporate world at its worst. The book seems like a fiction reading. A must-read for all.

Rishi Bagla
Chairman, Aurangabad Electricals Ltd

Robin continues on his successful genre, with his third business non-fiction book. In this book on corporate frauds, he has dealt with different situations, as also the possible reasoning of the perpetrators. Robin’s books are always easy to read and great for understanding.

Saurabh Nanavati
CEO, Invesco Asset Management (I) Ltd

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