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Corporate Sustainability

Corporate Sustainability

Four Volume Set
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July 2014 | 1 796 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

In recent times the academic world has focused increasing attention on the challenges of corporate sustainability. While the concept of corporate sustainability originated in the context of environmental impact and natural resources, in recent years the concept has been broadened to include various social concerns ranging from animal welfare, human rights and labor conditions, to issues of inequality and social justice. There is now a large literature that provides many insights into the factors driving firms to become more sustainable, the key steps they take to do so, and the impacts of these actions.

This interdisciplinary 4-volume major work brings together the most significant papers from the body of literature on corporate sustainability, drawing from a wide range of research journals. The introductory chapter written by the major work’s editors explores the highlights of the literature therein and identifies directions for future research.

Volume 1: Concepts

Volume 2: Drivers

Volume 3: Strategy

Volume 4: Consequences 

Part One: The Meaning of Sustainability
Sustainability: An Economist's Perspective Robert Solow
Toward Some Operational Principles of Sustainable Development Herman Daly
A General Framework for Analyzing Sustainability of Social-Ecological Systems Elinor Ostrom
Intergenerational Equity and the Investment of Rents from Exhaustible Resources John Hartwick
Capital Theory and the Measurement of Sustainable Development: An Indicator of “Weak” Sustainability David Pearce and Giles Atkinson
Innovative Responses to Materials Shortages Nathan Rosenberg
Social Capital and the Collective Management of Resources Jules Pretty
Social Sustainability: A Catchword between Political Pragmatism and Social Theory Beate Littig and Erich Grießler
The Economics of Resources and the Resources of Economics Robert Solow
Part Two: Sustainability and Governance
The Struggle to Govern the Commons Thomas Dietz, Elinor Ostrom and Paul C. Stern
Informational Regulation of Environmental Risks Paul Kleindorfer and Eric Orts
Institutional Evolution and Change: Environmentalism and the US Chemical Industry Andrew Hoffman
Part Three: Concepts of Corporate Sustainability
A Natural-Resource-based View of the Firm Stuart Hart
Sustainability and the Firm Forest Reinhardt
Impure Altruism and Donations to Public Goods: A Theory of Warm-Glow Giving James Andreoni
Incentives and Prosocial Behavior. Roland Benabou and Jean Tirole
A Modigliani–Miller Theory of Altruistic Corporate Social Responsibility Joshua Zivin and Arthur Small
Part One: Private Politics
Strategic Activism and Nonmarket Strategy David Baron and Daniel Diermeier
Trouble in Store: Probes, Protests, and Store Openings by Wal-Mart, 1998–2007 Paul Ingram, Lori Qingyuan Yue and Hayagreeva Rao
Private Environmental Activism and the Selection and Response of Firm Targets Michael Lenox and Charles Eesley
Part Two: Regulatory Pressure
Compliance and Enforcement: Air Pollution Regulation in the U.S. Steel Industry Wayne Gray and Mary Deily
Enforcement and Over-Compliance Jay Shimshack and Michael Ward
The Impacts of the “Right to Know”: Information Disclosure and the Violation of Drinking Water Standards Lori Bennear and Sheila Olmstead
Self-Regulation and Social Welfare: The Political Economy of Corporate Environmentalism John Maxwell, Thomas Lyon and Steven Hackett
Organizational Responses to Environmental Demands: Opening the Black Box Magali Delmas and Michael Toffel
Part Three: Consumer Demand
Why We Boycott: Consumer Motivations for Boycott Participation Jill Gabrielle Klein, N. Craig Smith and Andrew John
Green Markets and Private Provision of Public Goods Mathew Kotchen
Does Doing Good Always Lead to Doing Better? Consumer Reactions to Corporate Social Responsibility Sankar Sen and C.B. Bhattacharya
Private Provision of Environmental Public Goods: Household Participation in Green-Electricity Programs Matthew Kotchen and Michael Moore
Eco-Labeling Strategies and Price Premium: The Wine Industry Puzzle Magali Delmas and Laura Grant
Part Four: Employees and Management
Why Companies Go Green: A Model of Ecological Responsiveness Pratima Bansal and Kendall Roth
A Positive Theory of Moral Management, Social Pressure, and Corporate Social Performance David Baron
Attracting Responsible Employees: Green Production as Labor Market Screening Kjell Arne Brekke and Karine Nyborg
Managerial Interpretations and Organizational Context as Predictors of Corporate Choice of Environmental Strategy Sanjay Sharma
Part One: Environmental Management and Cost Leadership
Effects of “Best Practices” of Environmental Management on Cost Advantage: The Role of Complementary Assets Petra Christmann
Exploring the Locus of Profitable Pollution Reduction Andrew King and Michael Lenox
Green Clubs and Voluntary Governance: ISO 14001 and Firms’ Regulatory Compliance Matthew Potoski and Aseem Prakash
Part Two: Green Markets, Product Differentiation and Ecolabeling  
Selling to Socially Responsible Consumers: Competition and the Private Provision of Public Goods Mark Bagnoli and Susan Watts
Label Confusion: The Groucho Effect of Uncertain Standards Rick Harbaugh, John Maxwell and Beatrice Rousillon
Can Eco-Labels Tune a Market? Evidence from Dolphin-Safe Labeling Mario Teisl, Brian Roe and Robert Hicks
Greenwash: Corporate Environmental Disclosure under Threat of Audit Thomas Lyon and John Maxwell
Tilting at Windmills? The Environmental Movement and the Emergence of the U.S. Wind Energy Sector Wesley Sine and Brandon Lee
Part Three: Activists, Private Politics and Self-Regulation
The Industrial Organization of Private Politics David Baron
Part Four: Industry self-Regulation
Industry Self-Regulation without Sanctions: The Chemical Industry's Responsible Care Program Andrew King and Michael Lenox
Self-Regulation, Taxation, and Public Voluntary Environmental Agreements Thomas Lyon and John Maxwell
Testing the Effects of Self-Regulation on Industrial Accidents Steven Finger and Shanti Gamper-Rabindran
Part Five: Political Strategy
Toward a More General Theory of Regulation Sam Peltzman
Quality Leadership When Regulatory Standards are Forthcoming Stefan Lutz, Thomas Lyon and John Maxwell
Corporate Environmentalism and Environmental Statutory Permitting Christopher Decker
Part One: Corporate Financial Performance
The Effect of Socially Activist Investment Policies on the Financial Markets: Evidence from the South African Boycott Teoh Siew Hong, Ivo Welch and Paul Wazzan
Do Corporate Global Environmental Standards Create or Destroy Market Value? Glen Dowell, Stuart Hart and Bernard Yeung
Part Two: Investors
Do Stock Markets Penalize Environment-Unfriendly Behaviour? Evidence From India Shreekant Gupta and Bishwanath Goldar
Misery Loves Companies: Rethinking Social Initiative by Business Joshua Margolis and James Walsh
Talking Trash: Legitimacy, Impression Management, and Unsystemmatic Risk in the Context of the Natural Environment Pratima Bansal and Iain Clelland
Social Movements as Extra-Institutional Entrepreneurs: The Effect of Protests on Stock Price Returns Brayden King and Sarah Soule
Doing Well by Doing Good? Green Office Buildings Piet Eichholtz, Nils Kok and John Quigley
Environmental Disclosure: Evidence from Newsweek’s Green Companies Rankings Thomas Lyon and Jay himshack
Part Three: Corporate Social and Environmental Performance
Informal Regulation of Industrial Pollution in Developing Countries: Evidence from Indonesia Sheoli Pargal and David Wheeler
Information as Regulation: The Effect of Community Right to Know Laws on Toxic Emissions Shameek Konar and Mark Cohen
How Firms Respond to Mandatory Information Disclosure Anil R. Doshi, Glen W.S. Dowell and Michael W. Toffel
Public Disclosure of Industrial Pollution: The PROPER Approach for Indonesia? Jorge H. García, Thomas Sterner and Shakeb Afsah
Voluntary Compliance, Pollution Levels, and Infant Mortality in Mexico Andrew Foster, Emilio Gutierrez and Naresh Kumar
Multinationals and Anti-Sweatshop Activism Ann Harrison and Jason Scorse

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