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Correctional Mental Health

Correctional Mental Health
From Theory to Best Practice

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January 2011 | 432 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This contributed book provides a broad-based, practical guide to treating criminal offenders in a correctional mental health practice. By virtue of a wide selection of readings, this book will offer a solid grounding in theory, current research and professional literature, and highlights aspects of clinical experience as presented by current practitioners.
Thomas Fagan, Dyona Augustin
1. Criminal Justice and Mental Health Systems: The New Continuum of Care System
Robert Powitzky
2. Comparison of Correctional and Community Mental Health Service Delivery Models
Peter M. Carlson
3. Managing the Mentally Ill from a Correctional Administrator's Perspective
Daryl G. Kroner, Jeremy F. Mills, Andrew Gray and Kelly O. N. Talbert
4. Clinical Assessment in Correctional Settings
Donald A. Sawyer, Catherine Moffitt
5. Correctional Treatment
Corinne N. Ortega
6. Issues in Multicultural Correctional Assessment and Treatment
Gollapudi S. Shankar
7. Clinical Psychopharmacology in Correctional Settings
Dean Aufderheide and John D. Baxter
8. Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Correctional Practice
Rebecca L. Bauer, Robert D. Morgan and Jon T. Mandracchia
9. Offenders with Severe and Persistent Mental Illness
Ann Booker Loper and Lacey Levitt
10. Mental Health Needs of Female Offenders
David J. Stephens
11. Substance Abuse and Co-occurring Disorders among Criminal Offenders
Shelia M. Brandt and Michael Thompson
12. Assessment and Treatment of Incarcerated Sex Offenders
Debra DePrato and Stephen W. Phillippi
13. Juvenile Offenders
Steven J. Helfand
14. Managing Disruptive Offenders: A Behavioral Perspective
Alix M. McLearen and Phillip R. Magaletta
15. Understanding the Broad Corrections Environment: Responding to the Needs of Diverse Inmates
Robert K. Ax
16. Correctional Mental Health: A Best Practices Future

"The book is not only a contribution to the academic community for students in psychology,
sociology, criminal justice, and correctional counseling at any level, it will also have practical use for correctional practitioners at the entry level, as well as for those with more experience. For the practitioner, it will serve as a quick-reference guide and resource highlighting current correctional mental problems and workable solutions in American correctional settings. As an add-on benefit, the book provides correctional administrators with a wide selection of readings to help them broaden their understanding of current correctional mental health practice."

Dr. Robert Smith
International Association of Correctional and Forensic Psychology Newsletter

"Fagan and Ax provide a compelling clinical guide for correctional mental health treatment based on a biopsychosocial or intersystemic theory that is grounded in research and clinical practice. The book draws on the wealth of clinical and administrative experiences of the editors and contributors."

Dr. Robert Smith
International Association of Correctional and Forensic Psychology Newsletter

"The book’s editors and contributors represent an established and distinguished group, not only of
correctional mental health professionals and administrators from federal, state, and local levels, but academics and others in the field who have provided significant and distinguished scholarly contributions."

Dr. Robert Smith
International Association of Correctional and Forensic Psychology Newsletter

"Within 15 minutes of opening Correctional Mental Health: From Theory to Best Practice, I found that I had in my hands not only an indispensible basic text for the current era of correctional professionals but also one that represents a quantum leap in the consolidation of essential correctional knowledge."

Dr. J. Tyler Carpenter

This is a very thorough text and addresses the necessary areas that we cover in our Social Work and Corrections course for our MSW program.

Dr Christopher Shar
Psych/Soc/Social Work, Angelo State University
April 10, 2022

As there are more issues in mental health highlighted i todays society this book gives a fantastic overview on mental health and prison reform.

Miss Sam Ford
Psychology, Southend Adult Community College
July 18, 2019

Using for an independent project for Research in Offenders and Addiction Counseling

Dr Tracey M Duncan
Department of Educational Leadership and Counseling, New Jersey City University
September 28, 2015

Excellent book very student friendly, highly relevant vocational links in psychology well laid out and easy to read, will be highly recommended for students looking at mental health and mental health nursing.

Mr Matthew Hope
Health and Social Care, Newcastle College
August 29, 2014

A well written text that deals with offenders within mental health settings This textbook would be useful for both undergraduate and pstgraguate courses in fosensic mentaln health and forensic psychology

Mr Mohammad Surfraz
School of Nursing and Midwifery, Hertfordshire University
April 15, 2013

interesting read for further development.. woud suggest to these interested in that particular topic

Ms Christine Holmes
Health , Burnley College
January 20, 2012

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