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CQ Almanac 2017

CQ Almanac 2017
115th Congress

73rd Edition

December 2018 | 600 pages | CQ Press

Trusted by scholars for over 70 years, the latest edition of CQ Almanac provides a nonpartisan look at the issues that mattered most in 2017 with original narrative accounts of the major legislative efforts carried out by lawmakers during the congressional session. Arranged thematically, it organizes, distills, and cross-indexes for permanent reference the full year in Congress and in national politics.

Features of the 2017 Edition include:

  • Legislative Profiles: A detailed look at each major piece of legislation that lawmakers considered during the session, regardless of whether it became law
  • Key Votes: In-depth analysis of votes chosen as the most critical in determining the outcome of congressional action on major issues
  • Vote Studies: Analysis of the roll call votes cast in Congress, including a close study of the level of presidential support, party unity, and member participation during the year
  • Roll Call Votes: Easy-to-read tables, including each member’s vote on every bill that received a roll call vote
  • Public Laws: A chronicle of bills enacted into law during the year, including a brief history of the bill, the sponsoring party, date of passage, and presidential signature

Do you value nonpartisan political reporting? CQ Almanac has been providing unbiased coverage of Capitol Hill for over 70 years. Get the ultimate in political analysis with the CQ Almanac Archive, which includes every volume dating back to 1945. On top of volume and topic browsing, the Archive also includes a useful policy browse feature. This tool allows researchers to follow important legislative issues across decades to better place current debates in context.

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