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Crafting Ethnography

Crafting Ethnography

  • Paul Atkinson - Research Professor in Sociology at Cardiff University

March 2022 | 176 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This final book in Paul Atkinson’s celebrated quartet on ethnographic research investigates material culture and its relationship to sensory ethnography. Building on the author’s recent fieldwork, the book showcases how materials, techniques, tools and perspectives combine with the five senses to inform ethnographic methods.

Filled with images and hands-on examples of encounters with crafts and craft workers, the book takes you on a sensory journey through glassblowing, woodworking, silversmithing, photography, life drawing, and perfume blending. These fieldwork snapshots provide insight into the ethnography of knowledge, skill, and craft.

Helping to inform more reflective fieldwork, this book explores how analytical perspective varies based on the researcher and their physical environment. If you are looking to hone or expand your ethnographic practice, Paul shows you the exciting possibilities and implications of applying ethnographic methods to new contexts and media.
Chapter 1: Ethnographic Instances
Chapter 2: Ethnographic Knowing
Chapter 3: Hot Glass: Embodied Learning
Chapter 4: Clay: Tools and Turnings
Chapter 5: Two Spoons: Wood and Silver
Chapter 6: Looking and Observing: Life-Drawing
Chapter 7: Photography: Gaze and Resistance
Chapter 8: The Craft of Ethnography

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