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Creativity in Primary Education

Creativity in Primary Education

Third Edition
Edited by:

December 2014 | 272 pages | Learning Matters

“An alien spaceship crash landed in my playground today”


For one primary school in England, this was not an ordinary day.  It was a fabulous day of inspiration, writing, drawing, discovering and learning for the pupils, the staff and the parents.  But the best thing of all?  The only truly out of the ordinary thing was the alien spaceship.


So how do you make creativity a more everyday part of primary teaching?  Teachers and trainees agree that creativity is a fabulous thing.  But to get creative approaches into everyday teaching,  you need to tackle the question - what is creativity?


This book explores this question in an accessible and practical way.  It helps trainees to do more than ‘know it when they see it’, by helping them to understand the separate and very diverse elements of creativity. The third edition of this popular text retains key material, but it has been updated and revised to include two new chapters on the creative curriculum, along with links throughout to the Standards and the new National Curriculum.


This book will help you enhance your teaching so you and the children in your class can be:

fellow explorers, adventurous discoverers and spontaneous investigators!

Part One: Setting the scene
1. Changes in the landscape for creativity in education
2. The art of the possible: creative principled leadership
3. Creative teachers and creative teaching
4. Play and playfulness in the Early Years Foundation Stage
5. Creativity and spiritual, moral, social and cultural development
6. The importance of informal learning to children's creative education
Part Two: Creativity in the core curriculum
7. Creativity and literacy
8. Creative mathematics
9. What is creativity in science education?
Part Three: Creativity in the foundation curriculum
10. Thinking about creativity: developing ideas and making things happen
11. Creativity and primary art and design education
12. What has creativity got to do with citizenship education?
13. Creativity in primary design and technology
14. Creative primary geography
15. Creativity in primary history
16. Creativity in the music curriculum
17. Children, creativity and physical education

Creativity is often thought of as being related to the arts however this book explores creativity in all areas of the curriculum. The case studies are particularly useful as the outline highly imaginative lessons that have been used in other schools. The reflective tasks featured in each chapter are a great way of getting you thinking how you could implement different strategies in the classroom.

K. Snowden

With my degree being in musical theatre, it is easy for me to incorporate arts into the school timetable, but have been wary about introducing such creativity in other subject areas. This book provides great insight into how to include creativity throughout the whole curriculum. A great read!

M. Wolkowski

The success of the book is proven by the fact this is the third edition; it retains key material and has been updated and revised to include two new chapters - the theme of the creative curriculum and supporting trainees to see how effective curriculum design can enhance creative teaching. An excellent way to refresh established teaching and bring in new ideas which will delight children. With plenty of good examples, this gives lots of food for thought and motivation to extend creativity.

Parents in Touch
Parents in Touch

This is a really helpful book which encompasses a lot of the key topics covered in the module.

Mrs Claire Carkin
Healthcare, Nursing & Social Work, City College Norwich
March 31, 2022

Very useful for our foundation degree creativity module. A range of ideas which students found accessible.

Miss Lisa Holland
teacher education, Tameside College
June 7, 2023

We have an essay based on this topic and this book has proven a popular source for students to support their writing and practice.

Dr Sarah Askey
Education Deanery, Liverpool Hope University
June 29, 2015

We suggest a wide variety of books to our primary UG BAITT students and our PGCE students. this is one of them. It is clearly set out, easy to access and relevant to a number of subject areas.

Mrs Dot Jackson
School of Edu. Theology and Leadership, St Mary's University, Twickenham
June 23, 2015

A supportive text book that enhances the students perspective of creativity. From the start the book explains the concept behind creativity and ways to support this in the setting. my students find it initally difficult to be creative and to let go with their creative side. This text book allows the student to think about how to do this and gives some ideas for them to start with. A lovely book.

Ms lisa oneill
Education , City College Norwich
August 24, 2015

A sound text to explore ideas of creativity across the curriculum. Useful to engage students in thinking 'outside the box' when developing teaching and learning activities to stimulate children's minds

Mrs Vanessa Rawlings
Children, You, University Campus Suffolk
September 2, 2015

At last - a book about 'creativity' which addresses this seriously. Creativity in the context of Mathematics and science is treated properly. It is just a shame that each chapter is not longer, as these two subjects alone are both overdue a deeper exploration.

Mr Ralph Manning
School of Education And Lifelong Learning, University of East Anglia
June 18, 2015

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