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Critical Comprehension [Grades K-6]

Critical Comprehension [Grades K-6]
Lessons for Guiding Students to Deeper Meaning

April 2023 | 288 pages | Corwin

Because high-level comprehension cannot be divorced from wide-ranging texts

To be literate is to think through multiple perspectives, exploring diverse texts, and using the power of story to give students the life skills to discuss just about anything with critical curiosity. Critical Comprehension transforms this vital work into an accessible, three-step lesson process.

Using picture books, multimodal texts, and thoughtfully framed questions, each differentiated lesson expands students’ understanding of a text through:

  • First read: the “movie read”, during which the text is read without interruption
  • Second read: The teacher poses questions that probe deeper meanings through interaction with the text to summarize, name and highlight issues, analyze and infer, to make more informed decisions about what to believe and what to question.
  • Third read: Harnessing students’ curiosities, the class revisits the text to talk back to theme, symbols, central idea, or social, cultural, historical influences at work on author and audience

Popular media, classic novels, breaking news — the world’s content is ready for students to absorb. But are we ready to help them read it well? Equipped with this resource, the answer is, Yes, we are.

Chapter 1: What is Critical Comprehension
Chapter 2: Exploring Individual and Collective Identities
Chapter 3: Perspective
Chapter 4: Examining Stereotypes
Chapter 5: Confronting Bias
Chapter 6: Interrogating the Past and the Present
Chapter 7: Consuming Critically

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